PS4 Halloween Update (31.10.2018)


Yep after extensive time tests, there were no conclusive results. I’m not sure why some will disappear even after seeing them. Honestly, all should be visible and exist til 5 minutes before the next round. That way you could farm them. With that said, even with a camel and some luggage built near the drop site, you can only get so much.


I cant play till the patch is out cuz it started to give me a headache and i also lost sleep and woke up with the headache definitely never do the constant night thing again maybe next time just add stuff u can only get at night and not have a only night mode for a week


Funcom hate us we still have to wait its the 7 day did they have to wait on our money when we payd.
You loosing players with this amateurgame


Quand ce fini l évent ?




The Light shines once again on the Exiled Lands. PS4 has been patched and the Night of the Lost Souls has ended.