[PS4 - How to use War Paints] I created the war paint of support, but HOW i use this?!



Hello! How do I use war paints - which offer a variety of concrete bonuses - in my character’s body? I simply created the painting that favors my encumbrance, but I just do not know how to “consume” or “use” the created icon that looks like a “tapestry with tattoos” (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Warpaint_-_Support). Is this a bug or am I failing to do something important? Please help fast!


War paints are currently not working.


Omg. And yesterday we still got an update on ps4. Is not there a deadline for this to be updated since the problem is obvious and simple? If the idea was simply not to offer this “bonus” “for now,” the ideal would be not to enable the formula to create war paints.


Update: with this week’s update (I think it was yesterday), war paintings can finally be applied! Yahooo! At least I could do that with my war paint.


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