[PS4][NA][PVP] Amazonian Horde Beckons!


Will you rise up and heed the call?

In the dark days man feared man and beast ruled the land, alas such a state is nigh on return to many a Barbarian Land. Only one clan stands boldly against the darkness prepared to fight tooth and nail against the oppression of would be rulers. We are the Amazonian Horde!

Forged from the darkest of souls and the brightest of minds together we stand. The night will know no darkness like the shroud of war we shall cast in our wake.

Join me my brethren! Join me to bring light back to the world!

For the glory of Amazon, for the glory of our Queen!

A nomadic tribe the Amazonians find no comfort without conflict, roving bands sweep the land scouring darkness where they go before moving to their next target never to stay but always to return.

We are a group of like minded individuals under the leadership of an Amazonian Queen who seek power not through control but through glorious combat/supremacy. Will you stand by us and taste the glory for yourself?