Ps4 no inventory?

Game mode: [Online PvE server #3731
Problem: logged in to find my L 60 character is naked with NO inventory
Region: [Here]

Holy Hell Funcom,

I have been playing CExiles for months, on PS4, the last couple on server #3731 PvE. I’m at level 60 & working to finish this character rendition in a few weeks. I log in & play about 2 hours 4-6 days per week. I’ve had my share of annoying glitches & frustrations but overall enjoying this game immensely.
Until today (Sun, Dec 30)… yesterday I played for hours, came back to base from Forge of Ymir & dispensed goods until I logged out with 100% water & food inside my bedroom.
Today I login to go gather more star metal ore in my Uber Cimmerian heavy armor w Telith’s Sorrow, etc to find I am naked with NOTHING in my inventory - so yes, ALL weapons, armor, tools & materials are GONE. Yet, the rest of my base, thrills, pets, etc. all seem intact.
I have restarted the game twice & now rebooted my PS4, all with the same idiotic result.
I’ve dealt with enough of this game’s nonsense (fix one, break two) for months but this is inexcusable.

Tell me ASAP how this will be fixed…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play for months w the usual BS glitches but persevere.
  2. End w a blue screen crash Fri eve (not that common for me).
  3. Login fine on Sat & play for hours, logout per usual.
  4. Login Sun eve as a naked pauper.

To continue this Tale of WTF!?! :flushed:

…logged in again this morning (Dec 31) about 12 hours after last NO INVENTORY glitch to again find myself naked with NO INVENTORY, but this time I spawned at my bedroll location, not in my base.
Seems I ‘died’ & respawned BUT there are no dead body indicators on the map.
So now I’ve stored ALL my gear in a locker beside spawn bed, with just some leather in my inventory, food & water at 100%.
Let’s see what happens when I login 2 days from now… oh the anticipation of the frustration.

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