PS4 Patch (07.05.2020) - Update 40: Followers II (AI stances and command system) + The Architects of Argos DLC pack!

A bit exaggerated sure, but if you look at the comments on youtube and twitter responses, people are leaving. There are also hardly any videos for conan on youtube compared to ARK. Sure, unjust comparison but no big youtuber is covering conan topics really. Perhaps they don’t want to steer their followers into a game with such broken AI.

Also seeing a few peaks on that chart. The game looks good at face value, until you enslave some thralls and see how unresponsive they are. Guess that’s a common point in the game for people to drop it perhaps.

I’m willing to bet it’s the incompetent AI/follower/thralls that are driving people away.

That about sums up why I can now just ignore your comments…

Well, he has a point. My thrall is causing problems because she is attacking everything. I turn around, and my follower is killing anything she can. It’s annoying really. You’d think that just because I told her to attack all enemies within a 30m range she’d be obedient enough to not attack anything within a 30m range. Walk into a village? It’s dead. The NPCs manage to hear the noise and attack as well. It’s full blown anarchy.

I mean, when I tell her to stop, she just stands there not attacking anything. What is a self-respecting exile to do with this insolence?

Perhaps, if someone were to carefully word their question with specific examples citing their concerns/experiences, rather than easily disproved generalizations, the rest of us could possibly discern whatever the heck it is they’re complaining about. I guess I could just watch one of the Youtube videos about it.

But, that’s just my view.

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At least you didn’t lose your thralls as many of us did :rofl: Some people have stopped playing, including myself, since the last update, because they are scared losing more thralls and stuff on them(at least on concoles). They are waiting until the devs come forword with long waited “hot” fix. Mind you :upside_down_face: unless you desire the same fate to befall you, keep you thralls and followers close and safe :point_up_2:

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Weird. My thralls obey me. But then, I don’t confuse the crap out of the AI by repeatedly spamming commands at it out of panic…

Unfortunately, I do, but not permanently.

My thralls go missing WHILST GUARDING the base. Which is ridiculous. I track them, go to the location and they’re either invisible or stuck inside meshes/game objects. No way of retrieving them via follow etc.

I’m forced to rescue, which strips the thrall of all their equipment. For what? The game glitching up and developers not being qualified at their jobs mean I have to grind to my thrall’s equipment back?

Unless funcom has the adequate talent to fix the disappearance of thralls, do not make them lose all their gear when using the rescue function. Your game is not polished enough for that, you’re just wasting our time.

There are countless ways of dealing with spam. Spamming a command shouldn’t be an issue anyway, as it’s the developer’s job to catch these ‘exceptions’.

Besides, if it was that easy to confuse their AI, which I seriously doubt, then why are we throwing money at people who don’t know C# and shipping products willie nilly :rofl: :rofl: (I believe unreal engine uses C#, but god forsake them if they’re using blueprints and not actually writing the code…)

Their AI is just extremely flawed in general, don’t think spamming will ‘break’ anything, unless you specifically want the thrall to run back and fourth…

I’m hitting square on the targets for the thrall to attack. When that doesn’t work, I triple hit for it to return, assuming that maybe resets something, then hit square again. You’re suggesting I press it once and hope for a miracle as I’m getting attacked?

It seems that even when both myself and my thrall is under attack at times, there’s still no reaction. I have to start experimenting such as hitting the enemies or backing off, or shielding and waiting. It works eventually, but ask yourself… Should it be this difficult to get your thrall to help out?

Well, I wasn’t directing that at you. It’s something I notice players doing in liveplays on YT for example.

But since you asked, yes. If you know what you’re doing you should only need to push it once. Like, I point my thrall to attack and 9 times out of ten, they go at who I want them to. When they finish the threat off, they move on to the next.

[Edit: the thing is I don’t use the commands often. I primarily use the new system for guarding and area behavior AI. For antagonist base making, the behavior AI setup is a godsend as I can program followers and would be bosses to behave a certain way and attack in order.

But as a follower, I play with thralls mostly the way the default is/pre-patch. Attack an area/camp and the thrall will go for the closest threat and I take the other side of the camp, criss crossing.

You just don’t understand! It’s a new feature, apparently :rofl: Nowadays purge comes out of textures. Then, surely, some of our thralls should be there as well, brave barbarians coping with the bad guys coming out of earth. And the devs provided to you that “opportunity” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You should be greatfull :man_shrugging: P. S. I’ve got 3 of my thralls there too. There’s no any tool available at our disposal, to get them out without losing their gear.

So after a thorough play thru last night in UC, i can say the AI is working fine. I still killed all the bosses in under 2 minutes each, and my level 20 Lian with Aja’s Bane only needed 15 healing arrows to do it. As for the mobbing, the biggest one that almost seemed overwhelming was the group of 12 Skeletons protecting 1 of the Skeleton bosses. But, Lian using a mace had good area damage, and i was able to help as well using a dragon bone ax and heavy attacks. As for cities, i can still kite manageable groups. Only thing is that the commands did not always seem to work, and Lian would ignore and continue fighting, or not run to the spot i pointed to.

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First of thanks Funcom team for all the hard work.
Don’t want to be redundant, though here is a list of issues noticed by myself and other fellow players:

  • Thralls not responding to attack command when targeting a pnj
  • Follower would sometimes stop moving no matter what you try to make them help you.
  • Followers sometimes stop fighting, which can put you in a tough situation.
  • Legendary chests sometimes won’t open ( tested also alone on server with keys).
    -Stuff becoming invisible in inventory.
  • Tried to walk in New Asgarth to get thralls. It’s a man slaughter, the distance radius (think radius is something that can be set) and the number of pnj locking onto you has become difficult to manage as a single player since the whole village runs towards the player simultaneously.
    -Follower sometimes falls under floor and does not move. ( also happens in combat eg almost every time when fighting boss Rhino).
    -Horse follows you a bit too close.
    -When placing food to increase chance in a follower to gain stats, you have to take it out and place it back in their inventory for it to add a the 7 or 14% after passing a level otherwise doesn’t show the added chance.
    -when pressing the action button to transfer stuff let’s say from inventory to chest, the cursor will stop selecting items and would not be placed on anything even though it has not been moved by a direction command.
    -Sandstorms are sometimes invisible, or the screen renders a way too bright white light .

Sorry again if repeating what some of you have said above that comment,
Hope this helps,


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Nope. It works fine in 60% of the cases. And bugs out completely the other 40%.

Not attacking, swaping weapons again. Ignoring enemies as soon as they are out of sight (behind their back…).
Not porting or being anywhere, but not visible?!

Oh and my archers had arrows stucked in their hands… Its back again :smiley:

Yes, I CAN SAY it. that means as far as I am concerned. Please don’t tell me what I have engaged in. THis is to point out not everyone has an issue with the AI.

My first 2 days I also thought, AI is working fine… Until the “bugging” happened :smiley:

This is to point out, that YOU will not have a different AI than anyone else. It has major bugs in it. Sometimes you can play days without having any of it.

Also thralls still have major issues with 1h axes and bosses, compared to 1h maces. Try let a thrall fight thunderfoot with an axe. It looks like with the 1h axe, the thrall wants to get to the centerpoint of the boss and until that, it will simple not attack at all.

I gave up after 5 minutes watching it… Its just a never-ending cycle of the thrall doing absolutely NOTHING.

.) Thrall goes up to Thunderfoot - not attacking it. Just slowly approaching it
.) Thrall starts his swing attack
.) TF uses his trunk attack and thrall gets knocked down
.) Thrall makes the same thing again -> goes slowly to TF. When he wants to attack, the trunk attack comes and thrall does nothing…

Sometimes it works with a 1h-mace.

Best solution so far is, let TF attack you and position your thrall at the back/end of TF, so that the swipe attack doesnt hit your thrall. Then both attack him until its dead.

And servers play into all of this. Every server is technically different. The amount of builidings, the ping, the hardware of the servers, etc. I am saying on my 2 Servers I have played on, i have seen no problems, and those around me haven’t voiced any either. all info is good with this. If every server, every internet connection, every console/PC was the exact same then we would all have the exact same issues. but they are all different, and so voicing one doesn’t have issues may help to research the problem for either the AI script itself, or maybe it could be other stuff. As well, as there are some that call intended buggy. I even stated that I believe people are having issues, but I just am not seeing it where and when I play.

What setting do you have the thrall on. If it is “Guard Me” I have found that it 90-95% of the time only attacks if I get hit, and if I don;t engage enough in the fight, it will stop. If it is attack everything, then he goes ape crap, and will aggro any and everything. I then have to point to the specific target, or it seems to RNG its aggro.

the commands have great power. And with great Power comes Great Responsibility. Sitting back and playing healer seems to not be an option any more.

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Yeah, its often on “guard me”, because of exactly that:

He nearly killed a Siesse Blacktongue in that setting… I was just running past all thralls and it looked like he does not attack (was on attack all).
Yeah, he didnt attack anything because I was running. Suddenly he starts attacking the carpenter and Siesse.

Good luck was, that the carpenter sacrificed himself to save Siesse from my thrall :smiley:

On “guard me” this commands are often not working. At least when I try to fight in the Savanna against animals

And your thrall cannot attack thise with thrall commands at the volcano:

And you can put it in your pocket - again :smiley:

New patch is out!