Xbox Patch (07.05.2020) - Update 40: Followers II (AI stances and command system) + The Architects of Argos DLC pack!

Greetings Exiles!

Coming hot on the trails of our previous content patch, conveniently titled Followers I, and as announced in our producer letter, we feel now ready to deploy on all platforms our next game update: Followers II!

This update stems from a month-long collaboration with our Testlive community, that kept us sending feedback over four revisions and helped us improving the update we’re releasing today. Among these changes comes a very long and oft-requested feature, AI stances! We have also added a command system for your active follower, which will let you give direct orders to your companion.

There’s more changes and improvements that come with these new additions that will generally improve how AI reacts and interacts in the game. We have also included a couple of commonly requested quality of life changes that will make your adventures in the Exiled lands even more amazing: you can now have a companion and a horse active at the same time, and while riding you can also drag any unconscious NPCs!

With this new update we are also releasing our newest cosmetic DLC pack: The Architects of Argos! Build stunning cities and gleaming temples of shining white marble. Adorn them with elegant statues and refreshing fountains to make your base look more impressive than ever, and follow suit with new mount saddles, armor pieces and weapon sets! You can read our announcement to see what’s included in this new DLC pack.

Thanks again for your amazing support, and stay safe!


New follower behaviors!

You can now give your followers a brand new set of engagement rules and tactical preferences to better suit your playstyle!
Accessed via a new option in the interaction wheel, you can now assign different behaviors to your thralls and pets. Divided into two sections (Engagement and Tactics), this will give you better control than ever on how your armies react to incoming threats.
Please note that these new options are for your thralls and pets who are set as base defenses and not actively set as your follower (to see which new changes apply to active followers, you can skip a few sections and go straight to the new Follower Command System!)

Engagement behaviors

Under this new menu, you can now choose and customize different rules of engagement for each of your followers. These new options are:

Eng-GuardArea Guard Area
Follower will only attack when a hostile engages with them or any friendly presence within their detection radius.

Eng-GuardMe Guard me
Attack those that directly attack you or those hostiles that you engage with in combat.*

Eng-AttackAllEnemies Attack all enemies
When subtlety isn’t part of your master plan, just let your armies know about this option. They will engage with any hostile that enters their detection radius, old-school!

Eng-AttackNothing Attack nothing
If you want them to know engaging with any threats might be above their gruel pay-grade, choose this option. Any follower with this behavior will not retaliate against hostile activity.

Eng-AttackDistance Eng-ChaseDistance Attack and Chase Distance
You can set at which distance your thrall or pet will detect hostiles (Attack Distance), as well as the distance they might move (together with some new aggro systems) from their designed guard spot while pursuing their target (Chase Distance). These two settings open a new submenu with a range of options, from Lowest (5 meters) to Longest (50 meters).

Tactics behaviors

Within this section, you can set which tactical choices will be preferred by your followers:

Tac-Defend Stand and defend
With this option, your followers will stay firm and keep the designated position against any hostile activity.

Tac-Melee Prioritize melee
Followers with this tactic assigned will try to deal with enemies up-close and prioritize equipping the shortest range weapon they have available in their inventory.

Tac-Ranged Prioritize ranged
This tactic will make your thrall opt for long-ranged engagements, prioritizing ranged weapons in their inventory when attacking an enemy.

New Follower Command System!

By Crom! You can now give direct orders to your active companion. Politely ask them to move, or rudely ask them to annihilate any hostile targets within the press of a button!
Aim and press the interaction button to move your companion to the designated location or attack an enemy. Double press that key to make them stop any activity they’re engaged on (and double press again to make them resume that activity). Press it three times and you will ask your companion to return to your position.
You can also hold the command button to open a new radial menu where you can select any of these settings individually!

Some important Quality of Life additions!

We’ve been listening to the feedback you’ve all been sending us since the release of the mounts update and we’ve integrated the two most requested changes! You can now have an active companion as well as your trusty steed, as horses don’t take the active follower slot anymore! And while you’re out and about on your ride, don’t forget that you can now drag any NPCs you’ve left unconscious!

New cosmetic DLC pack available: The Architects of Argos!

Build impressive cities and temples with the Argossean building set. It includes vaulted ceilings, a new and unique way to build tall pillars (with bottom, middle and top pieces) and special attention has been paid to the insides of buildings with the inclusion of new placeable pieces. You will also get your hands on three stylish new horse armors, three fresh armor sets and nine new weapons, such as the Argossean Great Axe.


  • New follower stances!
  • New follower command system!
  • You can now have a companion and a mount active at the same time!
  • You can now drag unconscious NPCs while riding a horse! Yee-haw!
  • AI improvements!
  • New DLC pack: The Architects of Argos!
  • …and more!


  • Deployed a number of optimizations regarding server logs.
  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Fixed a number of crashing issues related to AI.
  • Added a number of optimizations in regards of characters and AI.


  • Fixed an issue that would allow building inside certain locations.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent return of materials.


  • Added new follower behavior settings!
    • For the first time, you can customize the rules of engagement of your follower defenses as well as their tactics when in combat.
  • Added new command system that will allow you to give direct orders to your active follower.
    • This can be controlled via a new radial menu (default button is the interaction key), or giving direct input (by single pressing to move/attack, double press to cancel).
  • Added new animations to provide visual feedback to the command system.
  • Added and reworked AI behaviors to deepen and improve the playing experience.
  • New DLC patck: The Architects of Argos!


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the placement brush of placeables to snap to the edges of all assets.
  • Fixed an issue where the replacing of ramps and sloped roofs from specific DLCs would work inconsistently.


  • Fixed an issue where Riptide light attacks would deal double damage.


  • Fixed several instances where friendly and/or hostile AI would become non-responsive towards external threats.
  • Reworked several AI components, such as hate list (list of hostile targets) and leash distance (distance they’re allowed to chase their target).
  • Resolved several issues where followers would have troubles teleporting to the player.
  • Resolved a number of issues that would prevent thralls from using weapon combos.
  • Improved AI awareness. They can now detect threats and targets visually and via sounds.
  • Fixed a few issues that would allow cheesing bosses’ AI using the leash behavior.
  • Fixed a number of issues regarding the Warmaker’s Champion AI and attack patterns.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause wights to spawn in unbeatable ways during the Wine Cellar boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would not teleport correctly when player characters do.
  • Fixed an issue where KO’d NPCs would teleport for a short distance if interacted with no Bindings equipped.
  • Fixed a targetting issue where NPCs would target the foundation beneath instead of the character.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs with a bow would not retaliate against long distance attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would not attack the player while standing in a particular spot.


  • Chilled Godbreaker Plate armor value was inconsistent compared to Godbreaker Plate. This is now fixed.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause player characters to get stuck on a chair if placed on a foundation.
  • Falling on spikes should no longer negate fall damage.


  • Stamina cost for dodging has been reduced for medium and light armors.
  • Redesigned the Accuracy 40 perk. It is now called Flattening Shot and will allow your heavy shots to push back or knock down targets.


  • Improved navigation on interaction radial wheels. You can now use key or button inputs to ease your navigation.
  • You can now drag unconscious NPCs while riding a horse.
  • Mounts no longer take a follower slot. This means you can now have a follower and a horse at the same time.


  • Added character animations when issuing commands to followers.


  • Added new radial menu options to control follower behavior.
  • Added new follower command menu.
  • New key bindings have been added to control the new commands.
  • Implemented a smart system on the Interact key when using a controller. Now, if there are valid interact targets, this binding opens the interact menu. Otherwise, the command menu.
  • Added tips and hints related to the new Followers systems in loading screens.
  • Fixed an issue with the pets’ radial menu.


Main question I have, is the new dlc gonna be part of a season 3 pack or should i just buy it now? If there are plans to make a season 3 pack I’ll just wait and buy that of its included.

It’s unfair they haven’t properly addresses year 3 DLC. They said on stream this pack would not be in a year 3 DLC, but didn’t rule out a year 3 DLC coming later. But their stance on a year 3 bundle should be loud and clear, not a random comment in the middle of a dev stream that most players don’t watch.

We’ve shared an announcement regarding a few performance issues that have slipped into this patch and are delaying the PC update:

Cool AI update not none of my thrall attack anything they just pull out and put away weapons. No matter what setting I put them on they will not engage any enemies. I am not shocked, I’ve come to expect this from funcom.


I don’t know if this is apart of the update or not but my thralls are not going back to their posts after they kill things around my base. I liked having them stationed where they were as I have enemies that attack in different directions of my base. I don’t want to put them in passive just to keep them to one place. Is there a setting I have to put them in or do I have to manually move them back each time now? Also I’m on Official PVE-C server if that helps.

Still no hotfix for these thrall issues. I come to fear updates on this game instead of looking forward to them. The volcano thrall are fighting among themselves and ganging up on named killing them mostly and making it impossible to gather any t4 . Also my personal thrall lost the will to fight 80% of the time and stop engaging no matter the setting. They get locked in place and I can no longer drag them away to reset them. This new AI is frustrating and Is lack luster. Why didnt you fix the rng so fighters dont get archer perks? I mean stop improving and adding more issues and just fix the existing issues.

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Also grinding the red mother is no longer possible. She stomps at a pace that is impossible to solo and thrall get meshed into the ground and instantly stop engaging. This has always been an issue but now you can’t run and reset them making the experience frustrating and impossible. I wish we could just go back to the old AI at this point.

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Per the Dev Stream on Apr 30th, there are no plans for a season DLC 3 pass.

um not sure if it was intended this way or as i hope a bug that will be fixed in the next hotfix. i love how i can use my horse and thrall at the same time now but are they meant to be getting right in your face? because when i gather resources or fight enemies they are so far up my backside they are making it very hard to see in a fight…aka hostile animals while gathering resources for example. theres no option to tell them to hang back a bit in their behaviour tab, the horse has no behaviour tab.

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My thralls seem to combat alright, but often get stuck in one spot and will not teleport to follow. I have given miss snowhunter a bow and chosen ranged as preference. She agros with the first arrow, mob closes on her, she hesitates momentarily then switches to pike. I like being able to “go there” command my thralls, helps when they get me blocked in narrow paths, and doorways. Wasnt there supposed to be a follow distance option players could set? I do not see one and any type of thrall, human/other.

With this update I loved the new thrall tab that was a great addition but there seem to be a few bugs with thralls.

I can confirm, the Volcano thralls are going crazy attacking other thralls in the volcano namely non-named thralls are attacking named thralls. In addition, volcano thralls are teleporting.

Snowhunter thrall keeps losing her agro in the middle of the fight she will stop and just stand looking around as if she is lost. In addition, she will take three or four hits from a NPC before she agros and begins to fight.

During my fight with the Bat Boss in the unnamed city, snowhunter just stood there, analyzed my fighting style and critiqued my fighting ability.

People who try tetslive should not try it too much because now there are more failures than before, the followers get stuck or blocked in the instances and do not fight with the bosses, they get lost along the way. Adding up all the bugs that were there and the new ones is still a disaster. On top of that I’ve been 7 days without being able to play and I don’t even know why although I made an appeal their answer was that they need more information to know what the problem is, if the game itself gives me an error message and the developers don’t know what it means, how am I going to know? They made me lose all my stuff on PvEC servers. I don’t spend a penny more. Platform: XBOX ONE

Im having the same issues. The combat music wont stop playing, my horse is literally up my bum and wont attack anything, my horse also is stuck at an odd angle like it is prepping for launch.

In my job, if you ignore these oversights, no matter how small, people complain and you LOSE YOUR JOB.

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Also, what’s up with not being able to see your thrall’s health bar when they are getting attacked? Is this supposed to be like this? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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My buildings are taking damage on a pvec server, my thralls pin me on stairs, cant select a follow distance, my toon just blew up when i logged in and the msg says i killed myself, spawn back and crashboard…

-Aggro Range much bigger - especially animals, it is a bit annoying now.
-NPCs attack each other
-Aggro is complete reset when out of reach (i.E. Sepermeru, NPCs forget that you attacked them some seconds ago)

Edit: Especially in Sepermeru I found the behaviour before much more realistic. You got attacked a while after your or some other players had been aggressive to the people there. No it is as if they are brainwashed after getting out of reach.

my thrall teleported to me, landed on my head and killed me. said I was killed from “being crushed” lol

NPC kämpft nur teilweise.nach dem Update sind in einem Aussenposten türen,Rad der Schmerzen,kühlschrank,Truhen und der Brunnen einfach weg.einzig die Bausubstanz und der Kartenraum stehen stand ALLES auf einer einzigen Fundamentplatte.

Xbox1 forum brothers and sisters, a question for you all. Do any of you have the bug which causes dicolouration of building pieces since the last update, or is it unique to ps4…? Here is an example picture:

Not very nice to look at. It looks the pigeons were ‘overly active’ that day. Here is the bug report thread if any would like a further look: