Latest console update

Hey does anyone know what time the update lands today? @Hugo

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Followers II

Architects of Argos DLC

Store links
Find store links on the Downloadable Content wiki page here:



PC patchnotes: Will be available once the patch is out (ETA 2pm Oslo time)
PS4 patchnotes: Ready for download // Patch Notes available
Xbox Patchnotes: Will be available once the patch is out (ETA 1pm Oslo time)


ETA for Architects of Argos on PS4 US
The DLC for PS4 US will not be available until around 5pm CEST (NA).

ETA for PC
We’re currently investigating some server-side issues we spotted when rolling out the patch. PC rollout has been postponed until 4pm Oslo time while we look into it.
Sorry again for the inconvenience.

This includes the Architects of Argos DLC (files otherwise not available).



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how many hours yet???

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Why are there overall white camo at structures brick/black ice?? I hope its a fault in game?

Of course it’s a bug :grin:. I’m pretty sure it’s happened in the past. They’ll fix it. Don’t worry :ok_hand:

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