PS4 Patch (15.01.2020) - Post-Mounts Parity Patch: Movement tweaks, exploit fixes and more

by my calculations the reduction was 35%

Hi funcome.

You do a great job with the game, and i love to play it. But some times you ust miss!
Afther the hot-fix i have a werd problem every time i log into the game. My caracter is “stuck” and i have to do a dodge befor i can start move around my caracter.

@Hugo i’am not soure if other players have this issu. But pliz help.


I logged in last night and had this exact issue. When I first couldn’t move I waited for everything to draw in as I was in my base. But then even then I couldn’t move. A dodge freed me and I was good to go.

I was standing on my bed. I didn’t check if I was standing in the bed and it was somehow preventing movement or something.

But anyways a dodge and I was back to normal

Just to be clear, is this in parity with what’s on PC?

I’ve seen that happen when I log in, but I doubt it was this patch. To me it started on the previous patch.

Hmm. For me it happend at this patsh. And i dont know what trigger it.

  • I can stand open in the exaild land, i’am still “stuck”.

Funcom for the love of Crom, PLEASE spend more time on testlive before you do major updates and definitely add more hotfixes and bug fix updates to your release schedule. Console just NOW got up to speed with the PC version yet we’re still riddled with bugs and glitches that make your game pretty much a nightmare to play at times.

You’ve got an amazing, beautiful game in your hands that you continuously break and make unplayable update after update.

Stop releasing content that makes previous content obsolete, stop releasing updates that bring more problems than solutions. Start actually testing your game, let major content updates sit on test live a lot longer so you can actually release updates with as little bugs as possible.

All games go through this, updates ALWAYS bring come with a plague of bugs but I’ve got to say, out of all the online videogames I’ve played, Conan Exiles takes the prize home for the BUGGIEST updates ever. To add insult to injury, you take months to fix these bugs that get piled on with the long-list of previous bugs.

I don’t even want to see a new content update any time soon. I want an update that will fix the numerous bugs and glitches the game has NOW. An update that will properly balance weapons and armor so that certain kits don’t become obsolete because of the existence of another kit. You continuously release content that either breaks the balance of the game or turns previous content obsolete and to fix it you just go in and horribly nerf to dust the newly released content. Stop that nonsense.

And while I’m at it, what’s with the latest dlc updates having half-assed building sets? Is it really that hard to add sloped roofs/rooftops/angled walls to the Blood and Sand and Riders Dlc?


That’s one of the main problems with this game is that they don’t separate pvp and pve. What is a problem for one isn’t a problem for another and they nerf everything anyway :man_facepalming:t5:


The thralls don’t return after this patch 1.52

This is unacceptable. Literally ZERO point in nerfing thralls in pve. They should’ve made it so it decreases thrall damage TO PLAYERS in pvp. Their lack of separation hurts the community when they nerf things in both game modes.


no mention of the roll obliteration? still not even going to reinstall the game. it was a good year with Conan Exiles being nearly the only game I wanted to play.

exactly why I abandoned the game. I only see the game getting worse for me. I’ve been through this with many games where I fall in love with a game, become obsessed with it, play it non-stop then it changes it too much, with each change getting more and more frustrating. Not going to rip my hair out trying to play the game, being constantly reminded of what I USED TO enjoy.


So why isnt anything about the dmg nerf from the Quivering arrows in the changelog?

The same with the real 100% AP arrows, which make 5dmg… Mandibles of Atlach-Nacha
Also at 50% AP now?

Also this arrows have the “ignores all armor” Label like Annihilator and Worldbreaker had… but this arrows dont have 100% anymore.

I agree! There should’ve been a setting in combat menu for NPC damage dealt to players and NPC damage dealt to NPCs

Hi,my ps4 seems overwarm while i m in n near my base (solo mode),got heaps of crash (last 1 during a purge) and this morning my cute chick became an ugly guy and i lost all my reciepes…
Is there any solutions to do on my side on my ps4 to reduce all those crash,is it better to shut off the game with ps4 main menu than using the go back to main menu of the game which sometimes crash and corrupted my saved?
Why didnt you implement too a second save to have at least a back up for a recovery in case of problems?

Slt,essaies de leur traduire ton post en anglais,je suis pas certain qu ils ai des francophone en support

Do someone have problems with thralls not passing throught doors anymore, of course open doors

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New patch is out!

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