PS4 Patch (24.10.2019) - Thrall fixes, optimizations, audio and other fixes

yes? I hope you picked it up for free because it rocks! I’m one of the day one guys, got the Atlantian Sword to prove it!

I’m going to miss the coughing lol. I do hope you continue the more animations with thralls, j thought it was fun!

Ill be on to inspect for bugs later. But thanks for the update!

I think the cost off bombs should be changed the cost to spam tier black ice foundation is to low it’s the steel fire that the problem everything else is fine I think 25 steel fire on per bomb is slot better also brim stone lake spamming reply needs fixing u can stop the brim stone spawning by paying foundation over the spawn of been playing Conan from day one I think this reply needs fixing top off the list also brim stone should be 2 hits with a pick axe not one u got to think that there are 40 people on a server if one tribe farms the brim stone no one else can farm it there are only 2 places u can farm them from the brimstone lake and the caves u only get about 5500 if u farm both off them I think the spawns should be halfed and the times u can hit them doubled to 2 from 1 slot off people I know what this to change if u go on also any server it’s spam with tier 3 black ice megaer bases and spam hope this changes it would make you’re game slot better people play for fun not to farm 8 hours a day bombs cost to much

Dude not trying to troll you, but check your typeing and we have commas and periods for a reason. i dont understand what you just wrote.

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lol, He’s saying bombs cost too much brimstone to make and brimstone is easy to block by building foundations in the shattered basen. I can agree to an extent, but I don’t think that the current balance makes things impossible.

Bombs and trebuchets are crucial to raiding and wiping clans, so keeping the cost high does create a little balance


I noticed today that thrall pots and feeding boxes now must have a thrall or pet standing right next to them to show they are feeding from them. Before a cental located thrall pot used to feed my entire fort now nobody at all unless I place them next to it. Why has this change been made? or is it an unfortunate byproduct of patch that was never meant to be made?

if you’re playing on an official server thralls and pets dont need to eat. otherwise, its most likely a bug.

Apologies i should have mentioned was just on single offline, you think it’s probably a bug for that? I want to get on a decent server soon though with decent players I’m open to suggestions

Still looks bad when it plays after a slow walk (happens on female characters too). Not game breaking but it looks dumb, especially when I often walk at a normal pace when role playing

Grateful for the fixes. Thanks. Although, now I can’t log into any of the official servers I play on. They don’t even show up in History. I know three other players having this porblem. We can start a new server, however, but I’d like to finish leveling my other toons.

Имена рабов так и не исправлены

The original Asura armor (full set) gave +15. the patch with the dungeon before this had a bug where it doubled to +30, which is why you were able to do that. If it is not giving the +15 (+3 per piece) than that is now the bug. But if it is, then it is back to what is intended for the armor.


Please direct suggestions to your own thread.

This will help it get noticed and allow th forum to support any ideas you may have… Posting here on the bugs forum, it may get glossed over by many including the Funcom moderators, as they are looking for information on the game and any bugs from the current patch.

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Tengo una duda sobre las piedras que se recogen al matar el capitán pirata. Ya no las tiene el que esta en la bahía de los bucaneros. ¿Ha cambiado de ubicacion?

Sure some publishers of games have issues. But Conan ranks #1

The communication and respect to let players know when errors are made of when they’re gonna be fixed is not part of funcoms mission. There have been server outages for 16+ hours and no one knows anything.

Major part of Conan is religion and it’s still non functional.

Ever since the underwater dungeon huge meshing issue. Lag bluescreens ’ lost connection to the server, outgoing reliable buffer overflow, game freezing. I’ve played many games and Conan is the only game that has these sort of issues.

“Hey buy our dlc” but make sure your base is small, don’t have a lot of statues or lights, furniture bcos it will cause you lag and bluescreens. Makes perfect sense.

Every update need a patch to fix errors.

Agree about the stop animation. I know it’s a minor thing, but it’s really irritating. So much so I closed the application after playing a few minutes today. This new stop animation should only play after sprinting or just taken out completely.

Those fixes are great. The game is smoother for it.
Now can you fix the boob bug please. :smiley:

its been very stable for my old ps4 8]

while all these updates are great and the game is about as perfect as one would expect it to be the combat lag between thralls and npc still needs some tuning.

Thanks for the patch… I appreciate the renewed silence of my lambs but a complete muzzling was overkill. A significant reduction in the frequency of the burps, farts & spits would have been fine, plus I enjoyed their fight commentary.
However, BUG still exists with NPC character Frost Giants near Temple of Frost & Undead near Black Keep & Bridge NOT dropping any loot when you kill them. Harvesting with any tool does not leave any loot either. This bug was noted about 2-4 weeks ago by Ignatius or Hugo, so hopefully it will be fixed soon also???

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