PS4 - Post Patch Thrall Experience - PVP or Other

Hi folks,

I’m curious to see any console users experience with Thralls since the patch yesterday. How they are holding up in fights, engaging mobs without having to have the player hit or other and general AI.
I know their AI in general is a bit basic so any feed back is appreciated.
I’ve taken a couple Thralls with me for resource gathering and was attacked by the royal stag. The Thralls didn’t engage right after I was hit nor did they pick up on the agro before I was attacked. There was a few seconds, not milliseconds, delay before they ran up to the mob and pulled their weapons. Still. It was anywhere between 2-3 seconds again that they started to swing at the mob. There’s a really good post on the board by a player about the latency issues with the AI. He looked like he did his math right and from what I’ve seen ingame it looks accurate still, post patch.
Has anyone here used Thralls for base defense against raids or other players yet? How do they hold up?