Ps4 pro enhanced version..?

So this may be a pipe-dream, though i am unsure as to why this isn’t already a thing currently. As it stands the PS4 version & PS4 PRO look almost identical in many ways that count = performance + graphics (combat i imagine will always remain the same regardless), but when compared side by side the PS4 PRO version almost seems to run worst at times…?

I understand that FUNCOM is not a vastly large studio, but i have seen numerous smaller & larger studios over the years that produce an upscaled or enhanced version of the base game at some point in time and very rarely see a port to both PS4 Consoles that play & look almost identical to each other = i am very confused by this.

This idea in practice would most likely solve numerous issues that PS4 PRO owners experience all too often with Conan Exiles + it would do the game justice to actually play it on anything other than a locked “low graphic setting” + it would also actually feel like a true PS4 PRO title as currently it does not, which is the reason many if not all of us originally bought a PS4 PRO & in many cases a 4K TV to pair with it and get the most out of our gaming experiences.

  • Is this something that is possible on your end FUNCOM?

  • Is this something that you would be willing to put forth the effort to give to your fans & customers.

Again still unsure why this was not a thing from it’s origins and also unsure why after all this time, this is still not yet a thing. I just have to put this honestly this is not PS4 PRO quality. I am not expecting PC ULTRA Settings or checkerboard 4K (though that would be nice).

If this truly is just a pipe-dream which i fear it is, please for your growing mass of fans = if or when you make a sequel and port it to PS5… For the love of CROM = do it better justice.

All consistent issues aside, i remain a fan of your game + scope & imagination and thank your entire team at FUNCOM for creating this, but i have to be blunt = this was not a good port :flushed:

This game doesnt make money to do what your asking.

The dev team is to small. They can hardly keep up with fixing the bugs to the point they have clearly gave up on fixing major bugs that have been in the game for years.

The console port is supported by both PS and Xbox so I dont see them giving priority for free to PS4 users. With PS5 around the corner and rumors are saying its going to be backwards compatible. Im interested in if it would upscale.

I would have to disagree with you tho on your first point. I have both normal and Pro PS4’s. Conan runs 1000 times better on the pro. For me atlest I cant play this game on my normal PS I blue screen all the time. Load times and visuals are better as well on my pro.

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Thanks for your reply. As far as the ports do go though = it was mentioned by FUNCOM that they wanted to push their XBOX-1X* port further and clearly all three ports have differences. * (whatever the higher tier XBOX is named, not a XBOX player).

My main question is why did the PS4 PRO get a mediocre port when the system has proven time and again that it is fully capable of more. I have played on both PS4 consoles & have watched my co-worker play on the XBOX-1X & have had the world shattering experience of briefly playing on a high end gaming PC on Ultra settings (really wish i hadn’t as i cannot unsee what i experienced and makes playing any of the console ports a mere shadow of what the game could & should be).

To come back full circle = my question remains in 2 parts dependent on the answer… Will we ever see an actual PS4 PRO Enhanced version and if not = why was the initial PRO PORT done this poorly.

I should also mention that i work in the Industry and have been a part of both large & small studio’s and have a pretty firm grasp on what is possible at times and what is impossible = this does not fit the Impossible category by any means, even with a small studio.

I will always continue to support Studios i like and feel are capable of very creative + imaginative & great games, whether they be small / indie and growing or already well established. My biggest caveat with either is how much effort they put into their art (inplace of cut corners) + they’re dedication & communication to their community (ie, their customers) + And finally the road map they plan to travel and what side they choose to walk that line, whether it be one of greed or passion.

I still have faith in FUNCOM & i do enjoy CONAN EXILES, i just know without a doubt that this port in particular was capable of more and would truly wish to see that become a reality or worst case i may have to get another gaming PC to play a small handful of games at there realistic / best performance = it’s too bad that the mass majority of the games i love are console only or in many cases PS4 EXCLUSIVE.

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