Are we gonna get a PS4 Pro enhanced version?

Does anyone know if there will be a ps4 pro/Xbox 1X update? The new patch released today has messed with the draw distance and is causing some popins. I understand this may have been done to alleviate stresses on the standard consoles but now ps4 pro has to suffer when it is well capable of rendering the draw distances. Also the lod on faces and some very nearby objects like cooking fires and furnaces for example the textures take awhile to appear. I noticed this since the patch.

I don’t mind if they keep the resolution at 1080P but texture and popins and draw distance needs to be adressed.

Any other ps4 pro players noticed this since the new patch (14/5/2018)

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I would like a version that works on my PS4 pro, and doesn’t crash my network when I search for

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Yes, I have also noticed it. Man, I really hope they do release a proper PS4 Pro enhanced and optimized version of the game. I don’t have twitter but if I did I would certainly ask them through it, since it seems they are pretty active on their twitter account.

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I Hope that i can play the game… Till now I only explored the loading screen…


I’d just like an optimized version. Combat for me so far has been turn-based, with FPS dropping to a slide-show. Animations often don’t even play out, so I don’t know when the enemy has attacked (or my own animations even). Also texture pop-ins often make me wonder if the draw distance is in inches. I’ll smack a tree with a hatchet and then the texture disappears but I can’t walk through or anything, it’s still there, just invisible.

So very many bugs and optimization issues. I’d love for them to be fixed up, because it seems like an interesting game, but I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath.

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I noticed the popins to after update. Are you sure the PS4 pro is limited because they use PS4 standard settings?

Yeah that’s basically what I mean. The game is not optimized to take advantage of the pro’s extra power, so its just optimized to run on standard ps4. Like one of the posts above said, “if we could just have an optimized version” I don’t expect it to run in 4k or anything, just better optimization fro ps4 pro.

That’s quite strange, why is it not optimised? Are the dev’s not ambitieus enough to make it?
Small companies like Kingdom Come have an enhanced version, why would Funcom not make it?
It’s like wasted potential right there.

Yeah Ik rite. Warhorse as small as they are did make an effort with Kingdom Come Deliverance (I just finished playing it last month btw, enjoyed it quite a lot). Hopefully some support will come for exiles in the near future.

The case shows the PS4 Pro Enhanced logo. However there are no specific Pro options in the menu and I have not read or seen any statements from Funcom about Pro support.

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I had to buy the game off the PS store, cause for some reason the game did not seem to have a physical retail disk in my country and not available at many of the big gaming store outlets (but 99% of the time most games are available here) Sometimes they tend to appear a month later (like Persona 5 and only because there was demand for it). So yeah like you said it may have the logo on the box, but its definitely not optimized for the pro. The game does not even show up in the Ps4 Pro dedicated section of the PS Store. So they telling a little white lie lol, unless it will be patch in at a later stage maybe…?? who knows

You might want to have read of this:-

BTW I have both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro and after the latest patch 1.07 I would say that it runs much better on the Standard PS4 and much worse on the Pro.