Ps4 Pro heavy lags


Anyone still getting too much lags on pve mode? Of all the games I’ve played I’ve never had any problems of lags but this game heats my console too much. Tbh performance setting don’t let you enjoy the game properly.
Is Funcom working about it??

It’s doing background tests. It gets slow as it gives priority to the current game (in the foreground).

PVEC mode was the one that lagged the worst for me.

PS5 Pro is being marketed now.

Yea, it’s always been a bit laggy and really janky on ps4 for me even with a ssd drive.
It’s just getting worse over time for no apparent reason.

There are times when i go to break down a wall in my keep and it takes almost 2 minutes no joke to remove it.

The game is just really poorly optimized and more they add the more it seems to slowly get worse.
They need to do some code cleanup pretty bad.

I am not sure it’s any better on ps5 tbh, i imagine the power of the ps5 is just making the game break even on performance, not because the game is technically better coded for ps5, it’s just that the ps5 is able to better smooth out the issues just because it has better hardware.

There is no doubt the underlying code needs a tune up after all these years.

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Yes, even if it is disappointing and unprofessional as not everyone can afford a new console. Even with the performance mode after half an hour of play the frames drop drastically

When I had the pc version, It never gave me performance problems, and I used to mount a 4 core amd athlon 3.9ghz with geforce gtx 1050ti. Later I switched to the console and I regretted it…