Unplayable lag on official servers

My friend has a PS5, and has immense lag on all official servers, as well as the menu before entering the servers. Player owned servers are fine though.

I’m on PS4 and it’s fine for me.

Any reason as to why? I found a report on Reddit by searching on Google of someone having the exact same issue 1 year ago.

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Most people are having better experience with PS5
Remember some one mentioned adjusting something in performance mode or graphics on PS5. I am on ps4 never messed with it. We do have several PS5 players on Forum hopefully some will see this post.

Thank you we will have a look

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I didnt have lag with ps5 when it first came out. Everything ran smoothly but the last three months. I dont know what is going on to cause these issues. FC definitely did something to degrade.

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Withib the last year or two things have gone down hill, way down hill. I only play official and it truly is unplayable sometimes on my ps4. I stopped building big stair cases because I’d lag and fly off and die, then have to return to pick up my . .

It’s poor optimisation by Funcom, the game would freeze for me every 5-10 seconds when travelling on horse, sometimes for up to 30 seconds in certain area’s, it’s horrendous. With this invisible enemies, rubber banding and cheap deaths, sounds not working, textures and UI not loading. Installing this on am SSD helped a bit with these but not entirely, it’s definitely not client/internet as I have 33 ping and fiber broadband.

The texture pop in/lag seemed to get worse several months to a year ago with a previous update.

Internet connection? If your internet connection is better ofcurce you won’t have issues and he will :man_shrugging:. Tell him to try to connect wired, it helps a lot :+1:t6:.

Yesterday I had my first purge on Ilse of siptah.
It was realy hard as solo player with only one t2 archer. He died in the first minute :joy:

I died several times while defending my walls. Everytime I wake up in my bed i had a very heavy lag for around 30 seconds. Then it was fine and I was able to fight.

A minute after the purge was over the lag was permanently. Not this lag i know when something is wrong with the Internet connection. There was no rubber banding. It just feels like 1 frame per second.

I think someone else got the purge after me and then the server resources go to them.

While I am playing on ps4 in performance most of the time everything is fine. But it seems to me that some performance issues are server related.


Since the new map came out, the game has been horrible. They dont care, its been 2 years

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