(PS4) (PvE-C) Gates of Ember - RP Server - Upcoming Events

Hey Everyone,

Are you looking for a server where you can let your creativity run loose? Do you want a server that role-plays out story lines? Are you interested in PvP, battles, or all out war? Do you like events and rewards?

Gates of Ember is looking for active players to join. We typically have between 20-30 players on during peek times and have a maximum of 60 slots. The server has been up for almost two years and has continued to grow strong. We have nine active admins that help out in running player sponsored events or running server events. We have an in-game economy, and provide rewards for participation in events.


Upcoming Events:
2/28 - Friday Night Fight Night
Enter the ring and fight in a steel cage match. Climb the lattice and get to the box hanging from the ceiling to get an advantage against your opponent.

2/29 - Death Maze
This will be our last Death Maze event for awhile. Enter the maze and fight the thralls, grab loot, and survive. Bombs and Gods are allowed during this event.

3/6: Friday Night Fight Night
Layout for this fight night to be determined

3/7: Murder Mansion
Enter a mansion with other players and spend the night. Be careful though, all players may not be innocent. Find the protector and stay safe

Work in Progress:
Dead by Daylight - Conan style.

We also run several impromptu events and support all players with anything they need to run their own events. If this sound like something you might be interested in, come check us out!

Folonius, Ghosts of Sand
Server: Gates of Ember

Server Stats:
•10x boosted
•boosted xp
•welcome center w/ starter kit
•helpful links in Discord
•fast travel map rooms at all obelisks
•pathway to well of skelos
•community Colosseum
•tower to heaven
•admin shop
•commerce, merchant, and trading system
•admin sponsored events (3+ events)
•community sponsored events
•active discord
•text RP and RP short stories on Discord
•RP builds
•Wall of Shame
•Community Team
•all in game resources given suggested values by community merchant guild

ZERO tolerance to griefing and bullying enforced by a set of fair an reasonable laws outlined in the Discord

Join us tonight at 9pm CST for Rhino hunting followed by Bazooka Barbarians and capped of with a good ol’ fashioned fight night featuring Hell in a Cell cage matches.

Death Maze Logo

Tonight, 9 PM EST

Bombs & Gods allowed. Be prepared to fend off flesh eating fish, top tiered thralls, and the inhabitants. Those who survive will be rewarded. Those who die will respawn and try again.