Royal Embers | [18+] | RP/PvP | No Gods | Custom Dungeons | Trade Centers | Coliseum | Active Admins/Events |

Are you looking for a server that welcomes hardcore RP’ers AND hardcore PvP’ers?
Then Royal Embers welcomes you with open arms!

We are an RP/PvP server with highly active admins who will always lend their helping hands, and the latest greatest mods to bring you the most immersive and interactive experience Conan Exiles has to offer!

Server Mod List:
•Pippi - User & Server Management -
•Immersive Sexiles Extensions
•Conan Sexiles
•Thrall War Dungeon Mod
•Tae’s Archery Fix

Server features:
•We have an admin built trade center (Where you can buy slave gear, potions,hair and beard changes, armor and weapons, and on occasion, high tier crafting mats!)

•Test your mettle in our admin built server Coliseum! Challenge players or prove your clans ferocity in a clan V.S. clan battle! (We also offer Player VS Mob/Boss battles~!)

• Custom built NPC encampments and facilities where you can grab questlines that will lead you down the path to gear of legendary caliber!

• Custom events centered around RP & PvP. (Players each recieve a reward of great value after the event ends, as long as they participate.)

We have much much more to offer you in Royal Embers. Feel free to join the discord if curious, or if you plan on playing on the server! Our rules and server info can be found there, as well as admin help.

https ://discord. gg/ qbFAvcs