[PS4] Gates of Ember 18+( light RP) THE ORIGINAL RP REPUBLIC

Welcome to the Gates of Ember! With 60 slots and over 500 member in the discord, we have ambitions to become the largest community of daily players in all of Conan. Feel free to check out our Patreon and Discord open for the public to view

Enjoy the x10 boosted harvesting and XP settings to maximize building and conflict! Being PvE-C allows the best of both world with PvP weekends for war, and PvE weekdays for ample building in between.

10 seperate admin, in seperate clans operating as senators; not kings and queens. Fairness is enforced even on admin

Take advantage of our fully operational commerce system, player shops, trade channel, weekly PvP events and weekday PvE events.

Earn extra Gold and bronze coins through bounties and contracts issued by all players with special RP quest sponsored by admin

8 active admin plus 2 server owners; admin are held to a standard of fairness, no favoritism & bound by a system of laws with a clan council for maximum representation.

Flag system to determine active bases; flags changed monthy. Daily and weekly sweeps to keep map clear
•New flag system to mark community, landmark, and RP builds
•landmarks channel
•welcome center w/ starter kit
•helpful links in Discord
•fast travel map rooms at all obelisks
•pathway to well of skelos
•community Colosseum
•tower to heaven
•admin shop
•commerce, merchant, and trading system
•admin sponsored events (3+ events)
•community sponsored events
•active discord
•text RP and RP short stories on Discord
•RP builds
•Wall of Shame
•Community Team
•all in game resources given suggested values by community merchant guild

ZERO tolerance to griefing and bullying enforced by a set of fair an reasonable laws outlined in the Discord.


I got this game for free and they accepted me in to their server. The admins host events, mitigate extreme circumstances and aggressively weed out griefers. It really is a great place to play Conan. The RP aspect is pretty awesome too. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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been playing here for around a month now, definitely a great place for veterans of conan or people who got the game for free, genuinely nice admins and the community’s always looking to help, would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a nice place to play<3

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Apologies to all, we are playing atm with some stamina drain. This is a funcom bug associated with the patch. We are sure the dev’s are working on it as quickly as possible and will have it back to normal soon. In the mean time please be patient as we do all we can to get this fixed asap

Oh, and…bump lol

Thank you guys for your kind words. We try to make the best place possible for everyone!

So it appears we have a work around for yesterdays update bugs. Should have it fixed in moments; everyone feel free to get on!

Can’t wait to try it out. Then back to smooth play and awesomeness!!

New events are comming your way from Gates of Ember 18+. Events to be posted here as well as in discord. Stay tuned for the latest our twisted imaginations can produce!

I got Conan during the free psn month , ark had done me dirty and this games is exactly what I was working for !!! The community has been a blast and the admins of gates of ember 18+ are fantastic. My only complaint is that I’m an animal person in games and I’m unable to have rhinos or elephants due to the bug that’s associated with them … everything else 5 stars funcom keep it up :grin::grin::grin:

GOOD news about the animal situation! Devs have released alot of new animals, many quite large in size without the bug. Will be testing today if fixes have been made. If so rhino and elephant bans may be lifted!!

Great Server…Great Admins… recently bought my own server but still maintain a residence on this server as the community is awesome.

New event is posted!! “Gone Fishing” any player who kills and screenshots two fish monsters from the new dungeon will receive some very nice rewards!! Including the final breath of the red mother. Let’s go catch some fish!!

We had a great night last night in the Colosseum! If you’ve ever wanted to fight various boss creatures along side the community join up and come check it out. Prizes for participating and for competitive rewards

New welcome center placed and revamped!

Hey, new to CE, will be looking to join a server like yours, question is do you do resets? if so when?

I have visited one server and it was just jam packed with bodies lying all over the place.

We do not keep bodies in game when you log off :slight_smile: so no stacks of bodies lol. We do maintenance resets about twice a week to keep things running smoothly. We NEVER do a full server wipe; instead we have 6 active admin daily and utilitze the community to report inactive/illegal builds or spams through through our discord feedback. We also use monthly flags to determine active status or not. At the end of 1 week grace period we start the great flag hunt competition as well as invite our community to raid and wipe any expired or no flag builds during pvp hours.
Maintenance resets are only preformed when an admin can be online to verify correct settings and server status after reboot


We recently just inducted our first female admin. Not only do her talents showcase the quality level of the players who make the embers their home; but we are proud to bring our burgeoning female populace a voice of representation amongst our highest council, The Senators

Look forward to a revamp of our discord! New bots will be added as well as some helpful channels. We will be doing some things to make the discord easier to digest and not so overwhelming. ALSO! new games on the way; anyone like cards against humanity?

Sounds great! :):grinning: