[PS4] Seed of Evil DLC won't download from PlayStation Store

Seed of Evil DLC is listed in PlayStation Store (US) today. I purchased it but I can’t download it to my PS4 Pro from PlayStation Store. I press Download on the game page on PS4 store. The page refreshes but nothing download.

I checked PlayStation Store game page and Download List which only shows Purchased but no download option on PC.

The main game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (digital copy) has updated to latest version v1.10. I’ve completed all mandatory maps of the main campaign, reached the location of Eden and got platinum trophy. All the game saves are still installed in my PS4 Pro.

However, there is no Seed of Evil DLC campaign option in the main menu. I’ve deleted the main game then redownload and reinstalled the game but nothing changes…

Although it shows v1.07 at upper-left corner of the main menu (red marked in attached screenshot).

Anyone knows how to download this DLC to PS4?


After purchase You just start the game and seed of evil will be available.

The DLC is already there and purchasing it from the store activates it in-game. Just select “New Game” (or load up a save game) and you can start playing the DLC content :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply.

Apparently it was a day one glitch. The Seed of Evil campaign should be activated after purchasing but it wasn’t. Luckily the new contents was unlocked automatically next day.

I’ve finished new campaign in Iron Mutant very hard difficulty and got all the DLC trophies. There was no any crash or corrupted save data issue during my gameplay.

Thank you for reporting back and letting us know, we hope you’ve enjoyed your experience!

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