PS4 Server Lag makes the game Unplayable

i really appreciate and love this fantastic game that Funcom has made. I played a bit of single player to learn the basics of the game before trying to go play PvP. The server lag is unbearable. Every other action I take, there’s rubberbanding, NPC lag, combat lag, etc. How can there be DLC already pushed out when PS4 console players are being ignored entirely?

No other online PvP style game I play has anything remotely close to this level of lag. I know the problem isn’t with my internet. And I know that much of the PS4 playerbase has expressed these lag issues are affecting them as well.

So, why isn’t it being fixed? I’ve read through the forums and these issues have been ongoing for a while now. Why did I buy a game that is unplayable online? And when will this be corrected?

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