Totoaly unplayable!

I am playing on PS4, PVP official server 3221 and I did purchase all DLCs because I am enjoying the setting and the idea. But this is unf#ckingplayable! The server is lagging like crazy, you have been dropped back for miles by the lags, followers are lagging and disappearing, mobs and your character are glitching through the textures if you will die, and believe me, you will, you will be stuck on a death screen for an eternity and if you will close the game you will not able to login back to the server for f#cking 30-40 minutes… 30-40 minutes you are watching on an eternal loading screen, official server… oh sorry - OFFICIAL FUNCOM SERVER which is going offline 3 to 4 times in 24 hours and being restarted for 5 times per day??? RLY? If you buying the game - the main idea is to have the opportunity to play the game - right? Give me back my money or fix your f#cking game to have the opportunity to play it!

Seeing all the bugs this patch has, I doubt anyone has the final patch ever tested.

The game was so bugfree for several months and this update introduced more bugs than fixes (well, no, but it feels like that).

Lets hope a hotfix will come soon.


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