[PS4] Slay and Survive! (RP/Builder Friendly, Weekend Raids)

Slay & Survive!


PS4 RP and builder friendly PvP server featuring weekend raiding and slightly tougher NPCs.

All thieves, reavers and slayers welcome!

Server Rules

  • PvP: 24/7 just how Conan likes it!
  • Solo & Small Clan Friendly: Max clan size 5 players
  • Weekend Raids: Raid damage restricted to 6-10pm PST Saturday & Sunday
  • Slighty Tougher PvE: NPCs do 25% more damage and receive 25% less damage
  • Pretty Stuff: Trees and other resources spawn closer to buildings
  • Land Claim Spam: No foundation or altar spamming - be creative
  • Cheating & Exploiting: Don't even think about it!
  • Admin Abuse: Conan would not be impressed
  • Server Admin Structures: Do not destroy (admin account is not played)

Daily server restart 5am PST.

Playstation Community

Slay and Survive! -> Join today, you son of a motherless goat! Make alliances, taunt your enemies and give feedback!

Admin PSN: Green-Dragon-33 (no play, dedicated admin-only account)


Exile, make your way to The Sentinels. A few paces to the east you will find a shrine to Conan where you may claim your Day 1 Exclusive Conan’s Atlantean Sword!

Now go forth to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women!


Coming soon.


Deddicus, an exile of particularly nasty repute, has been seen wandering the Exiled Lands.

Once a treacherous spell-mumbler with a penchant for necromancy, his sorcerous abilities were lost when he was banished beyond the Ghost Fence.

There can be little doubt that he will seek to regain his vile powers and must be stopped before it is too late!

Each and every time Deddicus is slain in open-world combat, outside of a base, his essence is diminished. This power will transfer to you in the form of a three Fragments of Power!

Now go forth, Exile, and crush this enemy!

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Slay and Survive!

Joined yesterday. Look forward to see what’s in store :slight_smile:

Welcome Moskau!

I tried to message you on Playstation yesterday but your settings prevented it… If you join the Slay and Survive! Playstation Community, anything important will be posted there.

Hey Green Dragon, is there a discord and what are the harvest/exp rates? Drop loot on death on or off (hoping for on)?

Hi there Zeropoint…

We don’t have a discord but that could always be added.

The harvest and exp rates are the same as Official PvP Servers which means 200% harvest and 100% XP.

Drop loot on death is ON… as with almost all settings, they mirror the Official PvP Servers. The only exceptions are listed in the server rules above.

Oh… also, I am willing to consider any suggestions players may post to the Slay and Survive! Playstation Community so long as they are in line with the spirit of the server… Basically, a solo and small clan friendly, builder friendly environment that allows for PvP but also provides the conditions for players to build something other than a shoe box if desired.

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Sounds pretty good to me, thanks for the reply. I will talk to my clan mates.

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Enjoying the server so far. Hopefully you and your clan give it a shot.

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