[PS4 - South America Server] Problems reconnecting to the PVE server

I’m having trouble reconnecting to the Official Server # 3980 PVE-E-Portal Us hosting the South American region. Today I was able to log in and play for a while, but when I log out of it, I have a serious problem trying to reconnect. I usually watch the loading screen indefinitely and nothing happens. I have to close the application. I even failed to get into the server before because of the same problem. The drama is even worse because it seems that we only have this single server dedicated to South America.

By the way, even in the updated description of the server it seems that there are more than half of the available places to enter the game, but even so it seems that I am “temporarily” unable to try connecting to this server for some unknown reason. I would appreciate it if you corrected the problem.

This is happening to almost everybody… They Will move the servers to a New datacenter with a New hardware to fix It… Hope that it can be done quickly… 1 week and i still cant play

Thx for your reply. I did not know that this problem was widespread. And let’s face it, this is very serious, because it prevents anyone from playing. I hope this is settled for yesterday. I see a lot of potential and fun in this game.

Unfortunately seems that the datacenter change solved nothing… It is still unplayable… I connected on the morning… But now I Just cant connect in any SA servers anymore

Yes, I know this problem persists. I feel it. But sooner or later this will have to be solved, or the game - at launch time - will be doomed online. And this is one of the main attractions of the game. Playing alone on your own server is so boring and lonely. And restarting a character from the start requires patience and time. Lol. Is there an official post regarding this particular problem?

They are looking onto It… Im trying to help… Showing my experience… Hope that they solve this…

We are aware of some issues with the South America servers since the official launch. Measures are being taken to fix this with both hardware upgrades and game updates. The next update is likely to be rolled out in the very near future and it should address some of the problems.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused our South American players. We greatly appreciate your patience as we attempt to address the issues as quickly as we can.

Okay, thank you, but I think the public would rather have a more concrete deadline to address this serious problem rather than mentioning a vague “near future”. Plz, lets talk about numbers. How many days? One more week? More time?

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