South America still forgotten

Yeah… How many years to solve the hardware problem? There is a New excuse? The hardware is traveling around the world? And the New PvP servers?

This issue is related to HELP FUNCOM! All South American Servers are not working! (Locked, reason: No reply within a week).

They already asked for the New hardware… But the datacenter is kinda slow here in south america… They were using HDD machines and are waiting for the SSD machines to run the game correctly

Although I think you have, considering said comment, if you haven’t read:

This was 1 month Ago… 1 month… Really? I read this already… But is a joke 1 month to solve this…

That is the latest I could find @Melonhoof. But I asked and according to Spynosaur, this should be fixed. Could you give details, screenshots if possible, on what exactly you are experiencing? It might be that you’re only experiencing a lower ping because of your own hardware/connection(no offense!) or because of the way routing is done.

Are you joking ctrl c + ctrl + v? This problem is well known for almost 2 months… Eternal Loading… 4 hours to Join the server. EVERYBODY have this problem on PvP servers on South america

Noted. I or Spynosaur will get back to you when it’s checked with the team.

Heya! Sorry about the trouble with your servers. We promise we have not forgotten about these servers and are continuing to work on them and address the issues with them as soon as possible.

I asked one of our admin guys for an update and they are in the process of monitoring them after the last changes made to check for improvements. This will continue until it has been fixed. I really appreciate your patience!!

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