PS4 Twitch Drops Take 2 (post patch 2.4.6)

My contribution is below.

Type: PlayStation 4 Standard
Model: CUH-1215A
System Software: 8.52
Internal Drive: Samsung 870 QVO 2TB SSD
Game Install Location: Internal
PSN Account: Primary
PSN Region: 01
PSPlus: Active

Twitch Account: Fully Connected

  • Connected on game screen: Yes
  • Connected on Twitch site: Yes

Twitch Drops Status?

  • Drops Earned: Yes (all of them)
  • Drops Claimed: Yes (all of them)

Learned Feats:

  • Furniture Making: Yes
  • Exile Epics: Yes

Official Server - See the Twitch items?

  • On Feats menu: No
  • On Benches: No

Single Player/Offline - See Twitch Items?

  • On Feats menu: No
  • On Benches: No

Single Player/Offline (Admin Panel)

  • See the Twitch items: Yes (by searching)
  • Spawn the Twich Items: No (Failed to spawn error)

Yeah, I can do this too… but playing on MP is what most of us do… certainly not acceptable.

I tried SP btw, and it doesn’t work for me. Not in my feats, error message in admin panel. It’s frustrating that it’s always the Playstation Version that’s broken. Neverending story.

Twitch drops still bugged after 2.5.1…
Funcom pls fix this.

A little progress with 2.5.1

Sadly, Twitch drop Watcher items still aren’t in either Armourer bench to craft, nor can I spawn them in from the Admin panel.

Same problem here, no Twitch items available to me in game on official servers.

I’m thinking this might not be resolvable.

Before 2.5.1 I was able to spawn Drops items from Admin panel. After 2.5.1 I can’t do this anymore.

It’s the same for me.


Hey everybody.

Just a quick update about this issue.
We sent a fix to our backend that seems to have worked for some accounts. You’ll need to relink your Twitch and game account for the items to show up on your game.
However, this is not ideal and we have been working on a way more robust solution that will come for update 2.6. We’ve overhauled the backend and our internal systems to prevent this issue from happening for this and possible future promotions, on Playstation especially, but for the other platforms as well.

Sorry for the lack of pirate Watchers stuff until then.


No dice for my account I’m afraid. (Twitch) Relinked, (Game) Relicenced, (Machine) Reset; I got nothin’. :frowning:

Sidenote: The pirate stuff dropped in fine on the day.

Sorry for the derp. I meant, lack of Watcher stuff.

Note to self: need more coffee. :coffee:


Okay I did just that and the items in fact appeared in the crafting menu. And I am able to craft them and spawn with Admin panel. BUT only in singleplayer. Nothing has changed for official and private servers.


I have delinked my Conan from Twitch an relinked it in the Game but still no twitch items for me :frowning:
Not in Singleplayer and also not in Multiplayer.

Thanks Ignasi I’ll give your temporary suggestions a go!