Ps4 twitch loot drops bugged

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: USA East
Hardware: PS4

Bug Description: Twitch loot drop feats not appearing, items not spawnable nor craftable after being claimed on twitch with both conan exiles and playstation accounts properly linked to twitch.

Expected Behavior:

If bugged you wont receive the item feats nor have access to spawn item via admin commands.

Steps to Reproduce:

Link twitch to ps4.
Link twitch to conan.
Watch loot drop stream for loot drop.
Claim loot drop.
Ensure loot drop has check mark and indicated accounts are linked.

I have attempted the following.
Reconnected conan and ps4 to twitch multiple times.
Enabled two factor authorization to ensure all other instances were logged out.
Disconnected conan and ps4 then logged out.
Connected ps4.
Used conan app interface to ensure disconnected from twitch using ps4 browser, logged out, waited, then used conan app feature to reconnect.

I have noticed that attempting to reconnect after disconnecting conan yields the error your account is already linked message, but it also will link the two accounts.

Recommend checking the code block that determines if you get that error message. I imagine that the following is happening.

The boolean value is reverse from intended which is occurring when a successful connection is made but the error is thrown because the app doesn’t recognize that they were ever separated after the first connection.

The solution would be to add a select statement that checks to ensure that conan and twitch are still linked before throwing the error. As it is, it looks like after you connect the first time, the app doesn’t check that again and hence tripping that specific error message, which hopefully ties to why we arent getting the switch for the drops we have collected

Hope it helps.


Ongoing topic few below yours already going. =3


I get that and have been monitoring and attempting those fixes. The main part of my bug report is that I have something for the dev team to consider for part of the solution relating to the in app link service error message it throws when linking to an account that had a previous connection but no longer does. My main concern is that if I posted it as a reply to those threads, it would get lost.


I’m in the same situation, I don’t know what to do, or how Fumcom will answer us or resolve this

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Having the same issue :frowning: no luck getting drops on ps4


I have the same issue, confirmed the connections, have the first 2 days of drops claimed. I cannot find any of the recipes in the feats menu.

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Same. I actually posted about this on Twitter the first day and after showing all my stuff and after others backed my claim, they said they would pass it on to development. So it seems they’re well aware of the issue. They said to just keep collecting the items and they should unlock in game when the issue gets resolved.


Hello everyone,

We are currently looking into the Twitch drops issues. We will update you as soon as we know more about this.
You can keep an eye on this thread as well Unable to craft Twitch drop items (items not found)

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we look into these issues.


Closing topic as we have a “main” discussion topic about this issue linked in Dana’s post above. This report OP and description has been sent to the developers for consideration of their recommendations.