PS4 Update 34 (04.10.2018) - The Midnight Grove and Jhebbal Sag religion

Put 9 stacks of rinds in one thrall pot half were instantly consumed I only have 200 thrills in my little base (lol) dropped vault hp to same as a t3 wall. Humm. Guess my 6 vaults of sticks are not safe anymore need to find this new dungeon and kick its butt. Do I need to put full stacks of arrows on thrall a now or is 1 still enough

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The rind was distributed to ur thralls look at there inventories

You need full stacks of arrows now (at least the new special arrows like explosive etc).

The thrall pot timers are glitched out and please add the ability to scroll the list of thralls it’s feeding, because it’s no use to us to see the first 6 it’s feeding when we have more thralls than this. About the thrall pot timers, if you look at the timers when you look at the pot’s inventory and then look at each thrall individually they often display a different timer. For an example the pot will say hyrkanian dancer 6 days 22 hours and then u click on the thrall itself and it will say 7 days and 4 hours. These timers need to match.

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Repair all your stored silent legion armor today. It cost me no mats to repair my 40 sets :heart_eyes:

Why not make the bearer thrall more useful by making them able to carry more items then other thrall. Why make a bearer if they are not able to do what the name implies.

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The bearer thrall has no cap weight and do you really want them to carry more. There always jumping off cliffs and exploding for me

Ice has no decay rate in preservation boxes that’s gonna be nice. Also feral meat off alligators sucks go farm scorpions for aloe soup use cleaver. Don’t make potion for dungeon buy for 5 feral flesh save gold lotus powder for encumbrance potions

I think a good fix for the bearers would be to increase their inventory size to be massive and make them very tanky but unable to use any weapons. Shouldn’t be very hard or time consuming for the devs to accomplish this.

Sure but same prob with vaults if they carry more then your stack cap then it will all de spawn after you pop vault or thrall dies

Also a fair warning looks like food and water consumption is triple on my char. Died in 5 min from thirst and almost again running to my body from my bedroll

Funcom please make the food in the thralls inventory spoil at the same lower rate as the thrall pot itself because now the thralls meat spoils as it would in the players inventory and the pot keeps restocking the thralls every hour leading to the need of massive grinding. What’s the point of the pot NOT decaying food at a normal rate when it decays normally in 1 hour in the thralls inventory and then the pot instantly restocks the piece of meat that went bad. Because of this it takes like 800 exotic meat per day to keep 50 thralls fed. This is a pain because ppl are reporting you nerfed the cleaver to give way less meat from enemies (not sure if the nerf is intended or not since it wasn’t in the patch notes).

put the yog meat in the pot it does not have an expire… Problem fixed

Apparently Yog meat has a timer now too though someone said it was 24 hours, guess it will have to do. Anyone know yet which meats provide actual buffs to the thralls and how to determine if they’ve been buffed?

I cant seem to find the night vision potion plz help…

Does anyone know where the new religion is or the queen bees?

The new religion is out near the Den and I think you need to find the queen bee through cutting grass down I wish I had more info to give or drop rates


Thank you, I’m glad to at least have a starting point!

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If you farm plants you will get a worker bee every now and then and more rarely a queen bee. I got one queen bee last night and about 20 workers after farming a couple hundred plant fiber.


This update crashed my game [PS4; Singleplayer]. A restored savegame was load. Then all of my Thralls explode spontaneously, even though I fed them… great, simply great. Is all work of hours gone? WTF?!

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