PS4 Update 34 (04.10.2018) - The Midnight Grove and Jhebbal Sag religion

Worst update ever even the tools are broken i used a steel cleaver and i only get 6 exotic meat from a King Elk before it was about 40 sometimes less sometimes more

Thank God, I saved my last savegame before this update in the psn-cloud. So not everything is gone to hell… Has this stuff been tested before it went live?

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It was tested by PC ppl

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I’ve tried it again. When I place the thrall pod, all of my thralls die (or explode…). There is not even time to place some food in the pot…

Honestly i am sad to hear that this is the final religion to be added. You have such a massive pantheon to work with but your only going for this many? What about the spider god? The god of thieves and so many more?

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Use pork rinds there good for a day atleast and simple ok back to farming for my hundreds of thralls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey there! Mods give PC players a certain degree of freedom not available to PS4 players in terms of sever settings.

I run a Persistent world RP server (to our knowledge, the only one on console with such a degree of detail) where the world state is directly influenced by player behavior. I was wondering if we will ever receive more robust .ini options, such as disabled resource respawn (they always come back after a server reset :frowning: ) or enabling player building in and around NPC camps.

We’ve migrated over from another game when Conan launched which allowed zero resource respawns and some pretty robust .ini customization options as well as an ingame admin command panel which allowed us to give structures to players, claim structures of inactive tribes, and so forth. While the admin commands were handled in game, the server ini settings were made available by another server host company. Are these things that I should or could be bringing up with g-portal?

We are pleased with the platform that you’ve allowed us to construct our Persistent world upon, and while it has only been 6 months, we are looking forward to another year ahead. :+1:

When an update is this big, it is usually due to the engine also getting an update.


all i want to say is i waited all this time and this broke the game im on a pvp server official server… first off i got the new religion and it doesnt work cant tame pets or even have the feat to animal pen at all. second off that dungeon was so buggy i died so many times because as im loading into it wolves must of killed me as i was loading in. and here is the main reason im really dissapointed PS4 OFFHAND COMBAT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL FIX NOW none of the new content works at all none of it

I see you didn’t read the patch notes, the pets are the next patch, this one was just to add the new religion, Midnight Grove and the thrall feeding system.

Of course, I can’t speak for whether stuff is broken or not yet, god, I hate Australian internet, sluggish as hell…

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offhand combat?

I believe the official servers are for survival if I’m not wrong when I lie or fault please do correct private servers are for personal use as in building and keeping items forever lowering hp on vaults is placing the game back to what should of been to begin with in my opinion more people may actually play official servers now that the trolls are as vulnerable as everyone for this

Queen bees seem common to drop from aloe

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So after a few hours tonight (official server PVE)… I have 7 bases all with thralls. Some have a handful… others have 30-40. I can’t tell if there is any benefit to having several thrall pots at a base. I can’t scroll through the lists and each list starts out with different thralls. I’ll dump a lot of food in each pot only to find out only random thralls through out the base are getting food. Often times the ones right next to the pot get nothing! (can anyone shed light on this mechanic for me?) Its not just meat cleaver being low… the axe drops far less meat and the King Elk spawns don’t seem to be where they once were. So you make us feed thralls and the pots suck at proper distribution? Then to top it off… make it really hard to collect large amounts of meat. I’d say that flies right in the face of “not to make it a grind”. So we get bird heads but still no Jaguar or a tusk trophy that looks like a hyena head? I don’t like a stuck thrall teleporting back to the start when you are trying to get it to follow you across a large run. Why not just teleport to you?? I noticed that it takes less to kill certain animals and I’m thinking its the addition of the off hand damage. My Shield is getting the third hit.I’ll update anything I can find out. UPDATE - After day two of Thrall Pot testing, I’ve figured out to some degree its radius based, but some thralls seem to always get priority from several pots over others right by it. Not sure what dictates that because its not level. I’ve started using fish/shellfish and when you build 3-4 cooking stations its an easy fix to fill them up for the week. If you don’t have access to fish, it gets a lot harder, but in the desert I hunt scorps which seem to drop lots of feral or exquisite meat. In the highlands, I had to make remote farms as wolves and elk and even the bears are dropping low meat. The deer, however are good and the boars are fine. The best result was just creating a fishery on a creek between bases. Load it with ten baskets of a combo of fish/Shellfish and it covered two huge bases full of thralls. Downside is spending a day to feed thralls at every base. I am outright losing a day of productivity. The Volcano has enough scorps for a small thrall crew.

Ok while happy the update finally dropped. There are a few issues. The vaults being dropped from 600k to 150k… wtf?! Now any and everybody will be breaking them open for 25bombs. Their basically useless now. New arrows… you can’t keep the fires going by shooting a new tar arrow like you can with throwing orbs. This needs to be fixed. The gods are weak af now… they were fine.

When looking on the map and highlighting an alter, it would be great if the clan whom it belongs to show on the alter.

You PS4 guys really need to READ the patch notes. Wow.


I can’t speak for the arrow stuff, but the vault nerfs were discussed at length a good month and a half ago. Basically, it’s a temporary fix to vault spam. Long term, they have more in depth plans that may or may not change the vault hps again (going back up). Memory is fuzzy on the details now, but something to do with siege and raid improvements.

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Working fine for me, Dragonbone axe combo and shield bash both work in my game.

My thrall seems to lose interest in fighting with me, especially against large animals such as mammoths, my thrall always seems to just forget the mammoth is even there.