[PS4] Uprising-Rivals.ga - Vanilla Rates PVP - Events


Just launched Uprising Rivals dedicated server.

Platform: PS4

Website = uprising-rivals.ga

Server Rates:

XP Rate: 1x
Combat XP: 2x
Crafting: 1x
Gathering Rate: 1x
Tribe Size Limit: 10
PVP 24/7

Openning Week - 27/05 - 03/06
2x All EXP!

Server Rules


Kill On Sight (KOS) - This is a PVP server, KOS is allowed. However, please be mindful that we want to keep the server population healthy so killing a fresh spawn PROHIBITHED
You are not allowed to Base Wipe a tribe or cause massive destruction, you will destroy only so much that is needed to plunder
The Gods can be used for raiding, however, you are not allowed to cause massive destruction, you can use it to open a hole where your tribe can enter. Players please make sure you are protected against the Gods using the Avatar’s defense dome
You MAY NOT KILL PASSIVE THRALLS – you may attack fighters/archers, but passive thralls like Dancers and Crafters should be left alone UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN ARMED AND ARE ATTACKING. Defenders, we suggest that you plan your thrall placement accordingly – do not place them next to chests, forges, or entrances
You MAY NOT kill an unconverted thrall while its on the wheel of pain, you may however STEAL a thrall. Players please make sure that you either barricade your wheels of pain or time the completion of the thrall to the time you’re online
If you are raiding, we suggest that you record or stream your raid, so that if a report is filed against you, you have your own evidence


Empty foundations (whether spammed in an area, single foundations placed randomly, or several foundations together with no progress made on the build) or abandoned buildings may be removed by admins. We will warn you ahead of time before removal.
You may not block off caves and common routes of passage; people need to be able to get through passes in the mountains, etc. If the admins feel your build is blocking players from moving freely about the map, we will ask you to reconfigure.

III. Admin Powers

Admin Powers should only be used in events or in order to verify or punish any player that dont follow the rules.
Any Admin who use the powers for his own advantage will be punished.

We are currently building the server community and we are looking for new members and admins.
Add us on PSN: LGermani and Jozuka-
We will create also a forum to share ideas of events and server configuration with the community.
Join us.