New PS4 US PvP server: Gods of T*** and Wine

3x XP and harvest
Admin events
No admin abuse


  1. No raiding of T1* bases on noob river.
    *If someone in a T1 base raids you, they become fair game.

  2. When raiding, destroy what you need to but do not fully demolish bases if you can help it. We use gods and explosives, so some collateral damage is to be expected. Basically, don’t be a dick.

  3. Event locations will be posted in the announcements section(on discord). You may come by these areas for gathering and to check things out, but tampering with and/or raiding them is off-limits unless stated otherwise.

  4. No blocking resources, dungeons, emote/recipe pickups, or important paths.

  5. No foundation spamming.
    -Using foundations as walls or creating platforms is fine. What qualifies as foundation spamming is scattering random, disjointed foundations everywhere with the sole purpose of extending your territory.

  6. Pick up any temporary buildings. e.g. Temp wheels of pain, taming pins, crafting stations, etc.

  7. The admins are players too. We will be playing by the same rules as you and be participating in PvP/raiding. We will not be abusing admin powers for building, leveling, or getting an edge. The only times these piwers will ve used is for the building of event locations, improving the server, and helping players who have been set back by bugs.

Discord code: RU2G2eJ

Eu or us

I’m not too big into PvP but this sounds neat and the like. I’ll make a character!

US, I’ll edit the post to reflect this.