PS4 - Warpaints (and Log-in glitch?)

Just wanted to know if decorative Warpaints were supposed to come off upon death, and also I am having an issue when I log into the official servers I spawn in with a clothe on my characters and I only appear to be doing the unconscious emote when I go up to people and my clan-mates.

Edit: It’s really inconvenient for the Warpaints because I have to take off my bracelet in order to move and then respawn without the warpaint everytime…

Aaaaand, there’s a huge graphical glitch going on right now as of the new patch that came out today, it’s like my character has several overlays going on as she is walking

Overlays? That sounds really weird. Do you have a video/gif you’re able to share so I can better show and explain to the devs? Sorry for the trouble!

Is there another way I can send you a picture or video? Because I can’t post them to the forums yet…

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Oh! Sorry, yeah that’s a thing with new users. After a bit of time, it allows you. I went ahead and removed that restriction from you so you should be able to now.

Oh okay, ty!! Here’s the first picture (by the way this fixes once you put on armor)

When you put on armor the glitch goes away

Concerning the warpaint: yes it’s supposed to be like that…

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