PS4 wheel of pain and passive healing for thralls

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Phoenix Arizona]

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For one doesn’t happen all the time but every once in awhile I’ll put thralls on the wheel of pain, and I will get off and I’ll come back the next morning and all the thralls are gone including the thralls that I had on there to increase the speed in which the thralls are done. And it doesn’t say they were killed or anything just gone and they were not taken because my building and everything was still intact there was no way for anybody to get in. Second the passive healing on the thralls I know you’ve already discussed this issue for the thralls but thralls are about 30% of the game and I find it pretty ridiculous that you guys aren’t working harder to fix this. There’s absolutely no defense if you do not have thralls and there’s no point to have thralls at all right now because they’ll just die instantly.
Amdways keep up the hard work and please fix the passive healing on the Thralls sooner then later.