PS5 Graphics to Xbox

I imagined :wink:. It’s a server where you can play from consoles of both last and present generations, like a ps4 and a ps5, @Shahbaash.

ah i see. how would you determine which server is for a next gen console?

Servers for PS4 and PS5 are the same.

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There’s no such thing. All servers for consoles allow last and present gen.

Yeah. So all servers that are online are for both consoles then…which is the case with Xbox.

Still doesn’t help with the graphics quality for ps5.

Might be a funcom issue due to them not optimizing like they did with Xbox.

That’s what I wanted to know. I have a clanmate still on PS4 for both economical reasons and the scarcity of acquiring one. I would feel bad leaving him behind if Playstation ever got an update for ps5, especially since he joined our clan because his friends left and we were subjected to the merger earlier this year. He was about ready to quit, but found out we were actively going to pick up all our stuff and move to rebuild. It gave him hope. I’d also hate to have to rebuild on a new server because they’re different, especially since transfers aren’t active. So I assume the graphical differences are picked up by the system? Idk how that works, but that’s good I guess.

It is picked up by the console. The servers shouldn’t change.

The same was for Xbox. The servers didn’t change nor were they replaced. Me an the clan continued to play on the same servers after the optimisation patch.

But it looks like the issue with graphics must be that funcom haven’t released the same patch for PS5 which is shocking considering playstation has more EU servers than Xbox and more EU players.

I think it’s likely due to increased downloads on Xbox in general because of game pass. More money means more efforts are put into making it better. Plus, I believe Xbox shares similarities with PC development and can transfer coding more easily than Playstation. It’s a damn shame. Just give us something to work with. I’m tired of being the neglected stepchild because of my preferred console. Sorry, I don’t have the money or energy to have two consoles and two copies of your game, Funcom.

i couldnt agree more. its a shame they decide to focus on Xbox more than Playstation even though the player base is more on PS.
Funcom really know how to concentrate on the wrong player base.

They said servers weren’t as healthy on PC and PS, so we got server merges. My server being one of them. So, idk the statistics. :expressionless:

Well i own the game on xbox , pc and ps5 i just bought it and im asking for refund .The game compare what i expierience on series x it cannot be even compared .It looks horrible on ps5 and to make it clear im not some fanboy i play games on every device because each offers something diffrent.But unfortunetally conan on ps5 is really bad so yes you are correct they did not release on ps5 upgrade like on xbox .

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Thankfully I didn’t buy it for ps5 and only borrowed it.

I would have done if the graphics were on par with Xbox but not a chance like this. Think it might be time to sell the Xbox version of the game I have aswell. Wiped everyone on EU servers and had my fun!

It sure would’ve been nice if they gave PS5 the love that they gave for the Series X. @bobby_naughty78, @Darkzombie could you imagine. :+1:t2:

@Mayra @Funcom - would nice to have a comment from the team???

Considering when the optimization update for Series X/S came out, that ship has most likely already sailed

@Melcom any input?

Yeah - that’s a good point.

Funcom are a joke

Well, we can always hope. The PS5 crowd is known for spending money and Tencent might follow on that.

I would be more than happy if the game ran properly, but an optimization for PS5 would be received with joy.

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you all for your feedback and support. Our team is always working on improvements for all platforms. Please bear in mind that there are different hardware aspects that we have to consider between consoles. The lack of a showcase video doesn’t mean we aren’t concerned about Playstation. In fact, making sure things run smoothly on consoles is always in our team’s minds whenever we create a new feature or activity in-game.

Much work was done toward stabilizing the next build for consoles and the next patch should already improve the situation. Please keep an eye out for updates on all of our announcement channels.

We appreciate the Playstation Exiles community and we’ll keep working on optimizing our Lands to provide a better service for you all!