Ps5 keeps crashing on load screen—HELP

I am unable to log into my own server due to a game crash. This happens on both of my accounts and have not been able to log into it in over two weeks. I can however log in on my PS4. ■■■■■■ please fix your programming. I am not resetting my ps5 and loosing all of my game data. This never happened prior to the most recent update.


And yes I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game

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Which map are you playing?
And is it also in singleplayer a problem?

On 3.0.2 or 0.1 I wasn’t able to login on any siptah server and also singleplayer siptah.

I reinstalled the game but it doesn’t helped.
The solution was to go into the ps store and download the siptah dlc again.

You said that on ps4 is everything fine so I don’t thing that your char is in a position where it gets instant the bluescreen. This should be the same on both consoles.

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