PS5 So many bugs

It has been extremely hard to enjoy playing this game as of late. There are so many bugs I run into while playing it half the time feels like an unfinished game. My biggest complaints are:

Siege elders and regular elders spawning inside my foundations, walls, and even the mountain I built my base on. They just continuously scream and make noise but they are unreachable. I can activate ghost mode and sometimes go through the boundaries and kill them but during a storm 1/3 creatures spawn inside of impassable objects.

I can’t see half of the world. Often plants are completely invisible, my pets are just eyeballs, enemies are just eyeballs, gear doesn’t load in (specifically the bearer pack I only see the wooden frame of the item), and it makes it very hard to fight and interact with my surroundings. Tuskbeasts will just mow me over out of nowhere because they are entirely invisible. The same things happens for greater wolf pet, greater hyena pet, camels, demons with hammers (don’t even know which ones those are at this point), husks, feral dogs, plants, berry bushes, etc.

Then there are npcs acting weird. My hyena pets just stand there and don’t attack even after I have ordered them. Any thrall with a shield will just stand in one spot with the shield and take no action. I can’t unequip it because they won’t sheathe and the only ways I found to get around it is to get an enemy to knock them over (which is hard when they are just blocking) or placing them to guard and then resetting them to follow (sometimes works). I already mentioned the elder things but I am currently in a purge and nothing has spawned. Last purge enemies appeared fine and this time there’s not so much as a cricket. (The warning horn is still letting me know about the imagined danger though).

I just love this game and I have put over 300 hours into it. I just came back about a month ago and have been trying to enjoy all the new content since I first played in 2017 but it’s impossible. Please fix your game people. Please please please. It is rather unique and I really enjoy it and I want to continue to do so. I also have paid for a server, all the dlc, and battlepass so the game working after I spent money is necessary.


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