Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

Q about golem harvesting. When they are harvesting plant fiber, are they collecting the seeds and bugs as well?

Yes, seeds, bees, etc.
But golem harvesting efficiency is very low.
They slow, and their tools probably tier 1 only, so…
You need 10 of them to make a difference, you can collect everything x10 times faster. Plus mass gathering spell.

Yeah but I’m looking at Siptah where half the time I can’t see plants anyways so might as well let slow pokes passively harvest.

I do not understand why we need these golems, I was waiting for the undead (

I like the removal of altar light beams. They just don’t seem fitting to a low fantasy setting.

In many Conan stories, it’s somewhat questionable if or at least to what extent there is magic in his world, and it’s rarely if ever that obvious. Magic is a hidden, scary thing, not something that announces itself by shiny sky beams.

Obviously, some people do like them. Maybe add a building piece that emits light beams for them. But it’d be nice to remove the lights as a default.


There is a solution for that, also.

Ya, we are not on the same page. It hasn’t even been applied. You also do not need to subject your age. There was no competition. Thanks for your replies.

Dude, I stated opinion, you replied with opinion represented as fact.

I was as polite as I am willing to be.

But, if you need to have the last word, go ahead. You have my blessing.

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I read there will be golems able to collect resources.
This is nice, but wouldn’t it make more sense if THRALLS were the able to ?

I mean, Thralls are basically SLAVES.
I always found a little stupid that my character had to mine rocks with a pick while his slaves do … nothing.


I play single player so the light beams make it feel like coming home after a long journey when I first see them. They should stay. I’ll try building a golem or two but they’re not something that I think fits the game at all. I try it all and then say no thanks to most.

I had read about lots of people’s horses dying but never knew how that was happening. I was thinking maybe exiles need to guard their horses better but that’s not a problem now. My dumb, low health, low armor horse that’s always grinning at everyone now has 9284 health, up from about 2200 or so. Could you give them a kick and a bite attack so we could have a tank/mount/pet/companion plus a war party? I have greater rhinos leveled for health and bulk against bosses that barely make 6000 health.

The journey steps that you can’t complete by accident and must do in a specific order take us out of a survival/role playing/open world game mode and put us back in high school. “Do this, at this time, exactly like this, or you won’t get desert tonight.” I’m 4 steps away from winning the game on my Exiled Lands character if I can find all the locations and get the volcano boss to spawn. (PLEASE DO NOT IMPLEMENT THIS INTO THE GAME?). Now I feel better. I thought I was losing my mind there for a second. One last thing, I hate the dark in a game when monsters can sneak up on you and you can’t see them to hit them. It’s one of the few real challenges that FunCom has kept left alone to keep some excitement lurking in the shadows for us. There’s no better rush than that sudden growl and your blood splattering on your monitor in total darkness when you were totally relaxed and freezing to death while waiting on the sunrise before entering the Frozen Slopes. Love this game!


We released a guide on Golem shaping last Friday. If you are interested in checking it out you can do so here: A Guide to Golem Shaping in Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3 - Conan Exiles

so any answer on the arcane curio cabinet? will the stuff over 40 slots stay until removed?

The new journey system, is this character or player dependent. The old journey system was character based but this new one seems to be more player based. I can’t remember what was said about it. Can someone comment?

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Its character based.


Do I understand correctly that you have to complete the journey steps to unlock recipes? So for example for t3 buildings, forges or weapons and armor? Or can you ignore them and continue playing as before?

You can ignore the journey steps and continue playing as before. There are a few new feats you get for completing a journey, but nothing critical.


If you have questions about the new journey system, please make sure you check out this video we put out as it might answer some of your questions.

Journey - Overlord - Convert a Competent Crafter

Things that don’t work:

  • Knocking out a T4 Crafter Thrall
  • Converting a T4 Crafter Thrall

Has anyone completed this step?

UPDATE - Apparently, it is knocking out a named thrall and putting them on the wheel ONLY AFTER the journey step is active. Because, reasons.


I’ve been thinking about it for a while before coming here.

PREMISE: I know I would not be listened, but I just want to say it.

This new Golem stuff is going to be the hugest bul***it seen so far.

  1. They are just something we don’t need.
  2. Sure as hell they would create tons of problems.
  3. They will make this game even heavier (without adding anything good).

That’s my opinion (and I know it would stay unheard) but I needed to say it.


Update day is approaching. I really hope you don’t nerf the arcane curio cabinet.


same here, but they have been ignoring questions about it. So for now, I have emptied mine out and will most likely remove them if the nerf does go live.

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