Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

What is the storage capacity of the bazaar bookcase that the curio cabinet is related to? If it’s 40, then there is no reason for complaining about it because we all knew this day is coming. Efforts would be better put into increasing the large crate capacity to 200 and small crates to 100. As it stands now, these have been worthless for a significantly longer time.


You can now stack them higher than two, which is not worthless. With all these crates, there is no need to increase the number of slots on other items.

Repairing Grindstone - Who knows the secret to use it?

Because I do not.

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We disagree.

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Perhaps not. In my perfect theoretical revision, large crate would be 100 storage and these cabinets would be equivalent. I’m just putting it out there that if the bookcase is 40, then it’s BP equivalent would be as well.

I don’t use crates a lot so do not have an opinion on the subject.

The Curio Cabinet revision, however, is an example of a solution in search of a problem and, when that problem was not found, it was created to match their solution.

So I will stop using them, as a chest takes less space, and they will be relegated to the “remember when.” file.


Hi @ all!

I hope this is not meant to be serious. :frowning: This cabinet was the only reason for me to buy the battlepass. I changed my whole storage-concept, because the cabinet is so nice. And I know many fellow players who did the same. Are you aware, that this will cause another shitstorm? How many players will want to have their money back?


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So are we still on track with tomorrow? Gotta say I’m a bit concerned over the various reports of lag going on and what that is going to do with the console release.

And don’t pretend you all are off work right now. I know these releases are last minute marathons to the end so spare me the whole schtick of going home to your families, you have no lives outside of Golem-geddon.

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Erjoh being based af? Wow!


And THATS why we dont give FC money for p2w fomo items boys and girls…
They almost had me with new new OP syormglass set but i see through you and youre international corporate overlords FC…nice try.

Hope they fixed the climbing.

Can we get some combat spells already?

After Funcom beeing very silent the whole test time of the new update I have the strong feeling that the release will turn into a mess with lots of bugs and stuff that doesn´t work correctly. Wouldn´t be the first time and I hate it. Not so much that there will be bugs in the game but that it will take Funcom weeks until they start fixing what is broken.

So I guess I will focus on the battlepass first and try not to break my base or anything else in the meantime.

I disagree. Though this may be late in the comms. The light itself does cause an fps issue and. the fact that they are not optimized and are doing something about it is actually nice.

There are other alter mods that you could appreciate your efforts still for ‘play the gamer’

"I’m more concerned about the night time issue.

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To be fair it reminds me of clock work city from elder scrolls online
I don’t mind it so much because i’m a fantasy rp’r anyway and it gives the dwarves a little taste of home XD

Put some oil in it then close it. Have the damaged weapon on your hotbar, sheathed not drawn, and hit E on the grindstone. I assume it repairs all weapons, shields, tools, torches, ect, so don’t have anything on your hotbar that don’t want to lose durability on as each repair does reduce durability a bit.


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