Puffball Mushrooms

Hey All,
Are these things still in game?
If not what replaced the Shrooms?
Thanks and Have a Safe Memorial Weekend.

Yes they are. You can find them in various caves, around some sources of water, etc.

Here’s one such location: Xalthar's Refuge


They are in many more places though. Sometimes they are hard to see.

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Again the Cavalry rides in and saves the day.
Thanks ExN :smiley:

No problem at all.

Just don’t eat the mushrooms raw. I don’t want your death to be my fault.

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Thanks LOL
Have you heard anything new on the purge problems we are having?

Last I heard was “Purge guy is looking at it.”.
So they know and are working on it.

There is a patch of puffball mushrooms in the south, on the north coast of the river just south of the Croc God’s pond on a small peninsula.

They’re all really hard to see since they are very, very small and almost look like part of the grass texture unless you’re practically standing on top of them.

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