Purchased year 2 season pass

I purchased the season pass for myself and girlfriend and we only got the “Treasures of Turan Pack” and dont see a change in things we unlocked I’ve researched this issue and its reoccurring with other players. I would like to know if theres a fix for Xbox one players or if it’s a fluke in Microsoft or nothing else is released yet. I know the game is freshly new about a year old but I’m confused and a little upset

I don’t think there’s anything wrong. The Season 2 pass is only for the stuff released since May this year, right? That would be the Turan dlc.
I think you’d need to get the earlier dlc separate or a Season 1 pass to get those.

Hope this helps

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Also, riddle of steel is a stand alone not attached to wither pass.

The Year 2 Season Pass includes four mahor DLC packs, only one of which has been released so far, and three yet to come.

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