Purchasing Multiple Chests

Could someone please answer this question.

If I was to buy multiple hoards or chests at the discounted price, could I then transfer some of those chests before they are opened to another ‘Toon’ I have on that account?

Many thanks. :smiley:

i think the answer is no. some of the boxes content can be transferred but not the hoard itself.

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Thank you for your reply.

I was afraid of that, I was tempted to buy some chests to be able to distribute the gilding tokens more than the hope of winning anything of use/ interest. But hi ho! :smiley:

Why not just buy them on characters that need gilding tokens from the start?

Because they are insanely overpriced if you just want the gilding tokens (and overpirced in general even for the other stuff they can contain, not even starting about the gambeling factor).

The character you plan to spend that much money on is most likely a character you hold dear and play often, and that makes it even more likely that it will need nothing else from the chests than gilding tokens. Watching stuff you may need on other toons going to waste just because of this tokens hurts.