Hoard of the Third Raider - Time limited offer?



I remember the old hoards (where you got the vanity T1 armor sets) were time limited, they vanished from the itemshop and since then never came back. I really hated it because I love having lots of vanity gear options, T1 armor sets as vanity was a really great addition and I love having T3 armor sets as vanity for different characters.
I haven’t tried out these skin tone changers but I do love the idea to be able to change the skin tone of your character, kinda makes it possible to create a stygian Priest of Mitra or a khitan Barbarian (this was suggested over years already to make something like that possible) -> adds even more customizable options to your character and they are always great and welcomed.

But since the old hoards were removed I still wonder, will the new hoards be removed too? I really don’t like this idea, it takes away so much customizability from your character.

Please consider making things like the skin tone changer (if it really works, as far as I know it seems to be bugged right now) available for normal ingame currency (at the traders that already sell the hair styles, tattoos and hair colors) if you remove the hoards. Or maybe even the Raid Tier armor sets available for the corresponding Raid Tier relics (like for example, 30 or 40 T1 relics for a full T1 vanity set) this would encourage people to do lower raid tiers again.


I’m fairly sure they said the Hoard of the Third Raider is a Saga Server exclusive. So once the Saga Server ends, the Hoard is gone. Items from the hoard on your characters are tradeable so you will be able to trade them on Crom, but not buy new ones there.

They might bring the hoard bag for future Saga Servers, or other Hoards. I doubt they would put this one on Crom/Fury though, at least not for a long time.

But given their tendency to not touch the itemshop, you should expect the hoard to be gone forever when Saga ends.


It’s a shame that these customization options even have to be behind a overpriced paywall but removing them completely letting the prices for the last remaining item skyrocket is just stupid in my opinion.

Great ideas all destroyed by money greed. Good job Funcom. As always.