Purge alchemist does it spawn in relic hunters?

i have been purge for 5 times now still no named alchemist on purge,
where did you get your purge alchemist? i might build a base there xD
my current base is in oasis.

There are plenty of purge alchemists acording to wiki, check this page : https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Alchemist

We had one for sure around the mound of the dead sometime last week. Just north of the obelisk, past the village.

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I split one of my accounts out of my clan specifically to farm an alchemist and originally tried a base south of Sepermeru thinking that the Relic Hunters would surely have one. Yet from checking the Purge Types on the wiki, apparently they do not:

After looking thru all the other purge types and consulting where they overlap on the map, I determined the best chance for success would be the Rotbark’s island in SE J6. However, the one purge I’ve had there so far (the 2-hour one I posted about) was merely Starved Exiles which spawns T4 crafters but not T4 purge crafters, and includes no alchemists besides. :-\

Anyway, if the purge info on the wiki is accurate, the Black Hand Pirates (Swamp), Darfari Cannibals, Degenerate Lemurians, Desperate Exiles, and Roaming Bandits all overlap that island and are all capable of spawning purge alchemists during waves 4, 6, and 8. Mind you, there are also a number of useless purges that can spawn there too such as Lizards, Snakes, and Starved Exiles, but that holds true for the whole map.

Note: These are not the only factions capable of spawning a purge alchemist, just the ones that overlap the small spot where I saw a lot of overlap. If you can study the map and find a spot where there’s only a small set of purge types, then it’s possible you might find one even better (in which case, you’ll hopefully share :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Here’s the map showing where the different purge factions spawn, btw:

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That’s why i keep getting lisa and tanners -.- thank you for the info

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My base is on that island, and I have only ever had Starving Exiles spawn during a purge. 8( Had at least 5 or 6 purges.

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Well that’s discouraging. What tier is your base and how large?

(I’m apt to get really fast at setting up and tearing down tiny purge bases at this rate…)

It’s a large base, covers the majority of said island. It’s all tier 3.

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Well thanks for the heads-up, at least I know not to waste my time there then. Decided to dismantle that base and move to “A Light to Guide Them Home” in O6 since Pirates (Swamp) and Lemurians are both supposed to purge that area. Got purged by Lizards last night, but hopefully it will be something stronger once the base is upgraded further…

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