Purge deaths won't load items or corpses

Since chapter 3 was released all purges on official servers are bugged. When a player dies during a purge battle the player dead corpse will not load in and a lot of the building/items do not load at all ONLY until the purge has ended. Also sometimes the enemies will get trapped inside foundations.


Greetings 2timer!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forum!

In order for us to properly assess your issue, please give us the following information:
1 - In which server is this happening in?
2 - Is this also happening in your Single Player?
3 - Are you using any Mods?
4 - Does the issue always happen under those circumstances?
5 - Can you send us a screenshot of the map pointing at the location where these purges are happening please?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

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My dearest @HighSaint i believe @2timer speaks about this…

When you die and return to your purge camp (teleport either with map room, either with transportory stone) your whole build is missing, your thralls are in the air and you cannot do many things since you cannot understand if the npc you are chasing is behind a wall, your build physically exists, but it’s invisible.
This happened to me on an official server while i was doing this challenge

I don’t know if a bed in the purge camp would do any difference i can check if you wish.

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Not Op but I had the same issue before.
1-2. This has happened to me on single player and private server.
3. Yes with and without mods.
4. This has happened to me during a tier 6 purge and before that a tier 5 purge.
5.I can’t provide a screen shot at the moment but when it happened my base was at the Slave Road in the exiled lands.
As OP described, I died to purge enemies and once I spawned again my building was missing parts of it, thralls were invisible, benches were missing, they began appearing after 15 seconds or so and my body wasn’t showing up at all. After multiple deaths and the purge destroying the floor which didn’t allow them to reach my coffer, the purge ended and I was able to finally load and get corpse loot.

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Thank you for your replies everyone!

Are you still observing this issue occurring in your game even after our update from last week?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

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So far so good! Actually since the update i can accept purges in places i couldn’t and the purge come more natural now, easy as it should be.
Compliments to your team, congatulations!
If i find problems i will report, thanks a million for everything @HighSaint :metal:.

Just tried.

Official 1004
level 3 purge, camp quite a distance away.
After death, respawn in base normal, took 20s for base to load.

WAY batter than before.

Hi all! Our group is having the same issues. If one of us dies during the purge, we respawn in but almost everything but the building doesnt show up. We see walls and floors but thats its.

Things that DO NOT show up: torches, doors, crafting stations, enemies, our bodies, etc. The purge is still going and other players can still see everyting but the player who dies doenst see anything until the purge is over. Is this a bug or as designed? Thanks!!

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