Purge end after first wave saying the attackers have determined that they can’t reach the coffin and retreat

Purge end after first wave saying the attackers have determined that they can’t reach the coffin and retreat

Your defenses are so strong they don’t even bother continuing. :wink:


We’re going to need a little more info here.

Were there any stairs or ramps to the coffer destroyed in the first wave? Attackers can’t climb.

Was the coffer room breeched and the coffer destroyed?

Any other details?

No it just happens. On purge lvl III i got this message without any reason. Then i started searching my building and i find out that one doorframe didn’t had door even if the purge never reached this point :man_shrugging: (all the doors before was not broken) . I removed it and i start the purge again, it worked fine after.

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Happened once with me too… after 1st wave they just abort, treasure room just behind one single(1) door on ground lvl… and they cant break through?

These Stygians are cowards.
This one built a fully ADA compliant savings institution and still they wouldn’t come to rob.

This one cannot blame the poor conscripts for turning tail, they are blameless in all this.

However, it seems that the Greed of Khemi, and their will to steal, is only available Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm, closed 11am-1pm for lunch, and never on holidays.
Attendance by written invitation only, please clear a parking spot for their refreshment both.
Allow 7 working days for RSVP.

No wonder they are Conan’s favourite punching bag.
They can’t even bandit with conviction.

In short, yes, this one has this issue as well, sometimes the Purge just gives up and runs away. Even with a fully intact walk way.
The bodies weren’t even piled up high enough to cause lag.

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Well, now I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the server communications issue. I will have to investigate with the IT guys on a game they’re developing if that’s a concern.

Does this affect single player too?

Have not been able to get any of the listed issues in single player. I’ve run 5 purges in a row without issue.


On Sunday i did all of them, from lvl 1 to lvl 10.
I had a crash in my very first purge (i wanted to start with lvl 10 :rofl:) , all the others run without a crash.
I find some tiny issues that i already gave feedback about them.

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