Purge issues, undermeshing

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So a while ago I posted about the purge stopping with no reason. I finally have pictures. I did ghost and found them inside my foundations. I couldn’t see them but I sure could hear them screaming at me. They are spawning outside my base walking/running then disappearing to reappear under my base 7 deep in the foundations. This is my third purge in my private server that has done this and I am extremely upset…I want purge thralls and to be able to fight the purge for the fun of fighting it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @UnbreakableMare, thank you for sharing the location for the undermesh purge spawn, we’ll forward this to the developers.

Thank you Hugo, dearly hope it gets a fix fast. Thank you for forwarding this to the developers, there were other pictures but felt these showed the full story better.

The ones shared are enough, we appreciate the use of the in-game map to point out the exact locations.

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