Purge Knock Out issue

Game mode: Online | Official PVP
Problem: Bug
Region: US east

During a purge event, the thralls knocked out all the purge thralls. said Exiles regrouping, but no timer. WE methodically killed all the thralls (no named int the first wave :frowning: ). Then 15 minutes later it said the 2nd wave was coming. Same thing happened. But this time instead of wave 3 hitting 15 minutes later, an hour later we got a purge at a different location, and it gave us 3 waves, normal flow, 30 seconds between. I will DM the server number and 2 locations when i get a response.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hey @WhatMightHaveBeen

What an odd issue. Could it be that one of the purge thralls got stranded somewhere?

I dm’ed the specifics.

But yeah, it is possible a thrall was in a mesh rock in the area, as we did find 1 on the very first with only a leg showing. We checked for 15 minutes, but never got a “target”, so don’t know.

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I have had my thralls find them in rocks and had to use poison arrows

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