Purge meter color?

Hi. I started playing on official pvp server bit over a week ago, and survived my first purge. Now Im nearing my second purge, but I noticed that today the purge meter is white, whereas earlier it was purple. What does the different color signify?

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As far as I know, it’s purple when the bar has crossed the threshold for getting a Purge, and white if it’s still below the threshold. But I’ve heard it’s purple all the time for some people.

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Mine is purple almost all the time, though it did turn white briefly the other day. I’m wondering if the color change indicates if it’s increasing or decreasing.

@Ignasi Could you please confirm what it means when the Purge Meter is purple vs white?

Yea it had been purple for me the whole week, since it was at 0 pretty much. Today it was white, but has now turned purple again.

Mine was white when full.

But purge was turned on only for a short time, just to get the journey-step…

Well mine was white before reaching the first mark.

I get harder purge when it change. To purbel
White is easy purge. That i thinke and What i feel when my change i play on aoc mode så dunno on normal vanila server

I thought purple just meant that a purge was in progress. But, I’m on single player so a purge starts pretty much the very moment I cross that line where I’m eligible for one.

my purge has been building up over the last week just gone and its been purple the whole time, the last purge we had the bar was white… im trying to work out if it means something as well lol…

Ever since the Purge patch, my bar has been consistently white when below the Purge threshold, and consistently purple when it crosses the threshold. I don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to be, or why it’s different for some other people.

Mine has been alternately white and purple. Never managed to cross either of the thresholds because I don’t play 5+ hours every day (apparently a requirement to get a Purge, unless you’re in a clan).

mine was white until i had a purge and then purple ever since. even though after purges the bar went down to a sliver. i thought i saw somewhere that purple meant the purge could “find” your base. as in, you aren’t built in a place impossible for the ground troops to reach.

That theory doesn’t make much sense. Stick a foundation block in the middle of nowhere with nothing but flat land around it and your bar would always be purple, even if your actual base is located on a cliff side. That would render the color coding a bit useless.

Here’s a thought. What if a purple bar indicates somebody is eligible for a purge? Not necessarily you though. Could be another player or clan.

That’s a good theory, and easy to disprove if wrong. All we need is a single-player who has had a purple bar under the threshold; there couldn’t be someone else being purged if you’re the only player in the world.

Pretty much what I was thinking. I play single player, but as I said above, I’ve only seen a purple bar during a purge, which happens the moment I cross that threshold.

I think I’ve seen a purple bar outside the Purge window, but I can’t say for absolute sure.

That is a fascinating theory, although Im not sure it applies, as I’ve always kept my base available to purge to my knowledge, yet there was time when the color was white.

When the meter is purple, the tooltip says “Your base has been found. The purge will find you eventually”.

ps. The second purge might happen tonight, the meter has reached the first mark. Last time the purge was nearly immediate (and happened when I was offline) after reaching the first mark. Im on official pvp server.

yes it starts white until the first time the purge needs to hit your base, then it looks for it and if it finds it, turns purple.

I started a brand new game on my server. 2 people 1 clan. Its purple. Havent seen a white bar in months. I just figured they changed the colour at some stage.

I initially thought it might be region related, but I am at the newbie zone and lv14ish. So there goes that theory. Also can’t be difficulty cause I am still low level and in newbie area.

I am full PVE though and have set purge to only occur when 2 people are online.

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