Why is my purge meter white?

Can anyone tell me why my purge meter is white? It’s white for me but not my other clan member.

@jot29 do you have any knowledge of this please to help our friend, thank you in advance

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Ive noticed this. Usually it reverts to normal with a relog or a teleport thru a maproom.


What I observed it happens when I dismantle building pieces and so the purge meter is decreasing and becomes white and as @darthphysicist said it reverts back to normal.


on official servers my bar always appears purple, playing solo / coop the bar is white and turns purple when it reaches the first line

You know that would make a lot of sense. I never investigated it but I bet you’re right.

During our server’s Urge to Purge event, all players reported their Purge-o-Meters turned white. My Admin player and my “regular purge victim” player (under my control) both had full purge bars that went from purple to white. All the players on the server reported white bars as well. They seemed to have changed after I unleashed the first randomly-selected purge. @Cauthey was there, he seen it too!!


quarantine… when its over it will get emptyed prettyed pretty fast xD

IMHO it is sometimes bugged.

Like many said and even some replies from FC: white or purple means, if you are even able to receive a purge.
But this white/purple isnt limited to single-player VS online. Some players have it also at PvE servers (white purge bar).

Answer from FC which isnt that much of a help, as users have completely different showcases:

Here you even get an more clear answer: https://forums.funcom.com/t/purge-meter-what-does-it-mean/89454?u=jot29
Clear answer: White purge bar - #17 by Ignasi

But then again, I had a purge and my bar was purple right after the purge ended:

So there is a way, how and why it should change colors. But it looks like it is not working 100% bugfree.

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