Purge meter color

Okay, I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time now, but it seems almost impossible…
I’m finding nothing besides people speculating at it, and it would actually be nice with some full on confirmation from the devs or something :slight_smile:

What is the purge meter color meant to indicate? So far, on the server I play on we have experienced it in grey/white and we’ve had it in purple… Both below and over the threshold, which is what I’ve been able to gather so far, is also speculated to be a thing the colors indicate: Grey/white when below the thresholds, and therefore not eligible for a purge, and purple when above them. Now, this isn’t really true to my experience, since yesterday I went all day with grey/white meter and the day before that I went all day with a purple one.
Speculation on the server I play on was that the greyed out one meant we weren’t eligible for a purge just yet, but after being purged despite the greyed out meter yesterday, I can at least confirm that that wasn’t how it is…

So… Is it just a color bug, that really isn’t there for any reason other than forgetfulness or does it have an actual implication of any kind?

I heard that it was only purple when the server’s “purge time” was active… I may be wrong though

I don’t think anyone really knows and Funcom has been completely tight lipped about it. Unless something changes, it’s just a random and meaningless special effect.

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Its purple when it’s actively gaining towards a purge and grey when it’s not. I guess it has to do with if you are doing purge attention worthy things like building.

Nope. Not true. It’s also white when gaining points, which are gained in increments of time, not per activity.

Was this changed recently? Give or take settings, what you do gained point per intervals.

That I can personally say is, at least, not accurate. Because it’s been white for me all day, and on the server I’m on we have purge times from 12.00 to 23.00… Not at a single moment was it purple and has not been since Monday or Tuesday :slight_smile: appreciate the input though.

No, wasn’t changed. What matters is how many different activities you do within a certain time frame. You don’t get points right away every time you hit a rock with a pickaxe or something. Basically the system looks at the last hour or whatever of activity and says “Ok, Sera67 built something, picked up sticks, killed someone and trained a thrall. That’s four points for the meter.”

If the meter turned purple just because you did something that will earn you points at the next scoring phase, the meter would be purple all the time. Even if you just stood still for the last several hours doing absolutely nothing because you get points for time passed. What’s more, the score is tied to clan, not person. Which means if anyone in your clan kills someone, the whole clan is getting purge meter credit for it which, again, means that if the meter turned purple because of that then it would be purple all the time.

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Just how you worded it then that makes it seem off.

That’s the official statement, but it doesn’t always work that way in reality. My bar has been constant purple for months. I’ve only seen it grey one time, and that was when it started accruing immediately after a purge.

I’m fairly sure the system doesn’t work right most of the time anyway, and when it does we can all probably agree that the Purge is usually a joke anyway.

I had the same bug on the purge, the purge meter in white, but also on the water bottle instead of the blue one it was in white on one of the bottles.

For me, (SP)

Grey, Its building and not active.

Purple, Purge is able to happen.

It’ll flip back to grey if bar drops below threshold.

In SP, I’ll set intervals to 0, So just building a small fort will retrigger it back to back. (till right of time of day rolls in)

Thats pretty much been 99.99% meaning of colors to me.

In SP, With only handful of foundations on map, It triggers once Purple.
When i have alot of bases all over, foundations all over, it’ll go purple for abit and I’m pretty sure the games caculating whats on map and were to attack.

Thats been my take away with messing/testing it all this time.

If u hover the mouse over the bar it has its description… white/grey bar means u r pretty much safe, as purge has not find ur base/bases and will NOT attack u.
Purple means the purge (which supposed to be an npc gathering) has find ur base and its possible to be attacked…
So if u get purple bar before the 1st threshold line means u may experience a "smaller"purge when u hit the line and not necessarilly wait for the second one… so if u have a white one, u can sleep relaxed… on the other hand if u get purple, prioritize defences and secure valuables

Yeah that’s what one might think from reading the tooltip, but it doesn’t seem to match people’s experiences.

Then for some strange reason, works for me … (on all 4 servers I play) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well I’m certainly no authority, since my own Purge meter rarely crawls above the 10% mark before RealLife™ makes it reset. So for all I know it could work that way. Just saying that’s not what people are reporting.

I have found that my meter is purple when it’s purple, and grey when it’s grey.

There has been no explanation for either color in my experience. I have killed the unnamed city with both colors.

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(that should be fixed) coughs* (funcom?)

No it’s working as intended, it’s just that you’re required to play multiple hours daily to qualify for a Purge, and I don’t :sweat:

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