Purge meter color and meaning

Hi. My purge meter is definitely to the line and it’s purple. It also says" purge will come for you eventually" anyone know what this means?

Purple is the standard color for the meter now. Being at the first line means your are eligible for the purge. The server randomly chooses a clan that is eligible for a purge. Purges happen between 18:00 and 22:00 on official servers. That is the servers time not necessarily the same time as your local time. (Sorry there’s not a way to look up the server time zone as far as I know)

I would recommend reading this wiki page about the purge.

Multiple clans can get purged in the same night. But not at the same time. A purge starts and ends for one clan before moving to another clan. Purges can last 45 minutes.

If you have multiple bases you will need to look on the map for a red X to see where it is attacking.

Hope you enjoy what sounds to be your first purge.

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I’ve had 1 or 2 purges already LOL so I’m used to it. But thanks for the info about checking the map😊

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