Purge no appears

I create a PVE server with purge active, but no appears, i have the purgemetter fill purple but nothing pass, i stay online days but the purge no come, can someone help me?

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So, some of the easy things you can check are to go into server settings and make sure purge is enabled (should be if the purge meter fills). If the required number of players online is too high, you can try reducing that to 1 or 0. Also check your event logs. You can filter the logs by checking the box for purges and unchecking all the other categories, then press ‘submit’. If a purge tries to spawn but fails, it will show in the event log. There will be an event log entry something along the lines of “A purge has started for Player/Clan”. Then just a few minutes later “A purge has ended for Player/Clan”.

Some other things are harder to check. Apparently your structure has to be built a certain way. @Wak4863 has been making some videos on YouTube recently trying to discover what causes a purge to happen and what prevents a purge. I think the building has to start with foundation pieces and you need more than 90 pieces before a purge can spawn. I don’t remember exactly what he discovered, so I will just tag him and let him explain if he has the time to explain.

If you’re not aware you can use admin commands to force a purge to start. I don’t know if the commands are different for the other languages, but if you’re using English, open the console by pressing the ‘~’ key and some of the commands you might need are:

Good luck!

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